Busy, busy, busy!

My new website is still incomplete. :-( Info missing from some of the pages and some new pages yet to be added. I’m working my way through it slowly, but I keep getting distracted by other things. Here’s a quick round up of what I’ve been up to…

I’ve finished going through the proofs of Gamers’ Challenge, sequel to Gamers’ Quest. Corrections have been made and it has gone to the printers. I’m really looking forward to its publication in September.

Tomorrow morning I’m off to Victoria University to speak to writing students about blogging. Then in the evening I’ll be attending the launch of [untitled] #4. I’ve got a story called “Tall, Dark and Handsome” in this issue and I will be reading from it on the night. If you want to come along, details are here.

Friday night I will be at the opening of the Bayside Literary Festival to announce the winner of the Middle Teen Microstories category of the Bayside Writing competition.

Of course, as always, I’m also writing regular posts for the Literary Clutter blog. The latest post contains three new video interviews with bestselling fantasy author Trudi Canavan.

And on top of all this, I’ve just been asked to write a couple of school readers.

Busy, busy, busy! :-)

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3 comments on “Busy, busy, busy!

  1. I looks *fabulous*! I especially love the banner.
    Just a small qibble. When I created an RSS feed for the blog, it came up as ‘Untitled’. You might want to change it to ‘George’s Marvellous Blog and Other Fabulous Writing!’ – something like that. :)

    • Thanks for the feedback, Mif. The title! (slaps forehead with palm) I had some issues with the template modification and the title throwing out the design. So I removed the title until I fixed the problem… and then I forgot. Ooops! Will fix it up tomorrow between the Vic Uni gig and the [untitled] launch. Thanks!

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