My Doctor Who philosophy

Today, 48 years ago, the first episode of Doctor Who went to air in the UK. So I thought it would be a good day to tell you a little bit about my relationship with the program, and how I approach reviewing it.

I discovered the series in late primary school, back in the 1970s. So I’ve been watching it regularly for about 33 years.

I am a fan! In fact, I am a HUGE FAN! I happen to think that Doctor Who is the best television series ever created. And I seriously doubt that any future offering could come close to its awesomeness.


I am not a mindless devotee. I have opinions and I like to voice them. Not all Doctor Who episodes are created equal. I do not have a problem with criticising the series, when I think it deserves it. (For example, yesterday’s review of Series 6 Part 2, was not entirely complimentary.) I am happy to compare stories and writers and Doctors and any number of other aspects of the show. Jon Pertwee is my favourite classic series Doctor, but some of my favourite stories are from the Tom Baker era. My second favourite classic series Doctor is Peter Davison, but I think many of the stories from his era are way below par. My favourite new series Doctor is David Tennant, but I think the best new series season is the first. Sarah Jane Smith is the best companion ever, while Amy Pond is rather irritating. I think that Stephen Moffat has written some extraordinary episodes, but Russell T Davis was a better show runner. Etc, etc…

It doesn’t mean I love the show any less. In fact, I can honestly say that I would rather watch a bad episode of Doctor Who (yes, even “The Twin Dilemma”) than pretty much anything else. So when I criticise aspects of the series in my reviews, remember that I do it with love. :-)

Catch ya later,  George

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4 comments on “My Doctor Who philosophy

  1. Sandy… I’ve just watched “The Sun Makers” DVD. Excellent Tom Baker story! Just need to listen to the commentary, then I’ll be reviewing it.

  2. I vote for Tom Baker. I definitely agree some episodes are more equal than others, but I’ve never, ever had to turn the TV off during any Dr Who episode!

  3. Oh wow… someone actually read this post. ;-) Thanks for your response, Simon. Yes, I too used to watch the Goodies. I think they were on just before or just after Doctor Who back in the late 70s and early 80s.

  4. I started watching Doctor Who in the Pertwee era, and I was only seven when the BBC broadcast the Tom Baker regeneration episode. I can still remember the shock I felt at the time, and I can even picture the TV and the room and where I was sitting when I saw that ep.
    Mind you, the same goes for the Goodies and their Lighthouse episode – that aired three months later and I remember looking out the window for the ‘new comet’.

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