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Thanks to the lovely people at Roadshow, I have a DVD copy of Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Season to give away (read my review here). Wanna win it? Here’s how…

In 50 words or less, answer this question: If you could take one trip with the Doctor in his TARDIS, where/when would you like to go?

Yes, I know — a rather obvious question. Bit it’s your chance to take the obvious and do something creative with it. So, go for it!

Email your response to givanoff@optusnet.com.au

You must be an Australian resident to enter. And you can only enter once. The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence on the matter will be entered into. Got that? Good!

The competition closes at 5pm (Melb time) on Friday 27 January 2012. After which I will pass all the answers over to our guest judge, without the names of the entrants. She will then pick the winner. I will then contact the winner by email to get a postal address. Please note that it must be an Australian postal address.

Now, let me introduce you to our guest judge, Melbourne author Narrelle M Harris.

Narelle is a Melbourne-based writer with four novels, one play and several short stories under her belt to date. Her latest novel is The Opposite of Life, a vampire story set in Melbourne. The sequel, Walking Shadows, is due to be published later this year.

She also writes in the business sector and spends time dreaming up new iPhone apps to develop. Narrelle created Melbourne Literary in association with Sutro Media.

AND, she’s a Doctor Who fan!

Given that she’s judging this comp, I asked her to tell us a little about her relationship with Doctor Who. Take it away, Narrelle…

After a childhood of watching the occasional episode of Doctor Who from a distance (safely behind my older brothers), I rediscovered the Time Lord in my early 20s. Since then, I have learned to love the Doctor in his many incarnations. Sure, there are some silly stories, but the sense of fun and excitement has never gone away. I was one of many waiting with bated breath to see if the latest incarnation of the Doctor would be brilliant or… not so much. And we let out that breath with a collective sigh of relief, before drawing it in again and holding on for the ride.

Once more, we were careening through the universe, with a madman in a blue box. A madman who made mistakes, but who we trusted to get us out of any jam. What’s more, this version of the Doctor took especial delight in helping others to realise their potential and to become heroes too.

Matt Smith is carrying the torch wonderfully (though I still carry a torch of my own for Chris Eccleston). I love the little hints of older Doctors in his performance – a touch of Troughton, a dash of Pertwee. I love that his Doctor is so in touch with his inner 11 year old.

The sixth season built nicely on the preceding seasons. We got to learn more about the mysteries of River Song, and we got to meet the TARDIS. Rory got to be brilliant. Amy, too, at many ages. Not everything pleased me. I found the baby talk twee and the pirates less than awesome, despite the presence of the otherwise engaging Hugh Bonneville.

Yet Doctor Who remains greater than the sum of its parts. There’s excitement and adventure, and a little soul searching. Some people meet their doom while others find their inner hero—or some inner darkness. The Doctor is both a very human alien and a mystery. I look forward to our next adventures together.

Thanks, Narrelle.

For more info about Narrelle and her writing, check out her website. And don’t forget you can read my review of the Series 6 release here!

Catch ya later,  George

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