And the winner is…

The giveaway for a DVD copy of Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series is over. We had a total of 47 entries. So thank you to each and every one of you.

The question people had to answer in 50 words or less, was: If you could take one trip with the Doctor in his TARDIS, where/when would you like to go?

Our guest judge for the competition was Narrelle M Harris. Narrelle is a Melbourne author with several novels and short stories under her belt, including the rather fabulous vampire novel, The Opposite of Life. She is also a long-time Doctor Who fan. For more info about her and her writing, check out her website.

But now I’ll shut up and hand over to Narrelle…

Judging the Competition
By Narrelle M Harris

Okay! That was hard. I started by highlighting all the entries that tickled my fancy, and then read and re-read them, eliminating them slowly as I went to end up with:

“I would ask the Doctor to take me at least 100 years back in time to Tasmania so that we could save the Tasmanian Tiger from extinction. Convince the Government to remove the bounty and scare off the farmers and hunters.”
Jamie Chapman, Tasmania

There were some great ideas expressed, from exploring some unexplored ideas from the series and going back in time to rescue the lost episodes from the 60s and 70s right up to travelling to exciting times in the Earth’s history in scientific advances. I very much appreciated those in the spirit of enthusiastic scientific inquiry!

But this entry combines a lot of nice ideas: travelling to a part of Australian history, to do something good for our environmental legacy by reasoning with those in charge. I’m sure at the very least the winner and the Doctor could rescue a pack of Tigers and take them somewhere safe to save them.

George’s bit at the end

Congratulation to Jamie.

And a BIG than you to Narrelle for judging the comp.

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Catch ya later,  George

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