WINNERS — Doctor Who: The Daemons

Thank you to everyone who entered the DVD giveaway for three copies of Doctor Who: The Daemons. The guest judge, John Richards, has made his decision and so it’s time to announce the winners.

The instructions for the competition were as follows…

In “The Daemons”, the Master tries to convince Azal, last of the Daemons, to hand over his power, thus making the Master ruler of Earth. Of course, he fails. But what if he didn’t? In 50 words or less, tell us why Azal should have handed over his power to the Master.

Now I’ll hand over to John…

I was charmed by how many of the entries believed that even if the Master did end up with Azal’s power, good would somehow prevail. Either the Doctor would end up saving the day in a different way, or the Master would simply get bored with all that tedious power and glory. Who fans are an optimistic bunch, it would seem. So hooray for us!

There was also one elaborately pun-themed entry that nearly made my list but in the end my in-no-way scientific and insanely random choices were:

“Because the Master has a stylish beard, a sexy/husky voice and impeccable dress sense.”
T. Marks

That’s pretty much my approach to life too, so full marks. Shallow, I know, but still a good point well made. Bearded men should be given more power, I think we all agree.

“It may seem like the Master being given Azal’s power and using it to take over the world is a bad thing, but if he’d done it, the Master wouldn’t have had to conquer Earth in 2008, and we might have been spared the horrors of a Rogue Trader song.”
Lee Zachariah

Anything that would rewrite time and stop me from wasting my life sitting through The Sound Of Drums is worth a go, in my opinion. My entire memory of that story is a bunch of evil golfballs and John Sims camping it up on a Gerry Anderson model. That is the one, isn’t it? Make it stop. MAKE IT STOP.

And finally, this:

Azal should have given his power to the Master because ultimately he would destroy all evil in the universe – giving his power to the Master would effectively make him the most powerful. Every baddie would want this power, so they would fight the Master and he would inevitably win.
Mike Edge

Using the Master to cleanse the universe of evil? Very clever, my friend. This interesting usage of game theory would – at the very least – keep the Master busy until the Doctor could do something extremely clever. Or until Jo does something really stupid. Either way, evil is defeated. Boo evil!

George’s bit at the end

Congratulations to all the winners, particularly T. Marks as this is his/her second win on Viewing Clutter.

A BIG than you to John Richards for judging the comp. If you want to know more about John and his television series, Outland, check out the website.

Doctor Who: The Daemons is released on DVD in Australia by Roadshow Entertainment. Many thanks to them for providing the giveaway copies. :-)

And for another chance to win a Doctor Who DVD, check out the latest giveaway for “Face of Evil”.

Catch ya later,  George

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