WINNERS — Doctor Who: Nightmare of Eden

Thank you to everyone who entered the DVD giveaway for three copies of Doctor Who: Nightmare of Eden. This was the last giveaway in the current series, but I’m hoping to be able to offer some more giveaways in the near future.

The instructions for this competition were as follows…

All you’ve got to do is tell me why I should give you a DVD of “Nightmare of Eden”. The three answers that are, in my humble opinion, the most convincing/entertaining, will WIN WIN WIN.

There were a lot of really good entries, but there was one that really stood out. For some strange reason that I cannot explain, I felt compelled to declare this entry from Dallas Jones to be the most convincing/entertaining…

Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don’t look around the eyes. Look into my eyes.

You’re under.

You will believe that I gave an answer about why I should receive a copy of the Nightmare of Eden DVD, and in your humble opinion, it is the most convincing/entertaining.

3, 2, 1 you are back in the room.

Now… where was I? My mind seems to have gone blank. Oh yes… the other entries.

I was also seriously impressed with the entry from Isabella J von Lichtan, mostly because is came with photos of the K-9 she has built.

I think I should win because this is another K-9 story to be released on DVD. I am one of the founders of a place designed to help fans of K-9 build their very own. One thing I am doing is making a repository of information of how K-9 changes through not only each season, but each story. This can only be done through getting detailed screen caps off the DVD releases. Having this release would mean more information in our database for people to create more screen-accurate K-9s.

And to show what my K-9 in progress looks like…

I want one!

And finally, there is the entry from Niall Doran. Niall didn’t just enter, he wrote a review of “Nightmare of Eden”. He obviously loves this story, so I thought it only fair to give him a copy.

I’d like to win one of these DVDs because, quite simply, I love this story. I know it gets a bad rap because of its low production values, but I think that actually helps drive the inventiveness of the script to compensate. It not only bravely tackles drug issues, but it has some great SF ideas including the half-dematerialised ship collision *and* the CET machine concept. It’s well structured too, with the CET machine causing the story’s main problem by combining with the unstable ship interfaces and releasing monsters, but in turn also providing a clever solution by allowing them to catch the bad guys after they think they’ve escaped. Glossy production values are appreciated in any show, but solid and inventive scripts will trump them every time.

As for the Mandrels — they rarely get a good comment, but I loved them as a kid and thought they were the greatest thing ever. These days I’m a biologist and the two things that occur to me about them are:

(1) how refreshing it is to see a monster that is neither a higher intelligence nor evil per se. The Mandrels are fine (albeit aggressive) in their own environment, but unfortunate things arise when they encounter people out of it (like crocodiles in suburban streams), or when people try to exploit a biological side effect of their existence (through the chemical compounds they contain). There are very few Doctor Who stories where the monster of the week is not actively evil and plotting something bigger, but is actually as much a victim of the situation as everyone else.

(2) their appearance often gets derided, *but* they look great when they are shown in their natural habitat. It’s only when they’re in the alien (to them) corridors of the ship that they look ridiculous. I’m not claiming the production team did this deliberately, but that’s not uncommon in the natural world. A platypus is much the same: it looks weird because it’s tailored to live in a particular environment where its odd features actually have a purpose, but out of that environment it just looks silly and ungainly. Plenty of other real animals are the same (and even *within* Doctor Who you can see this: the Daleks are a good but very impractical design in everything but their very first story, where they are ideally suited to the low & rounded metal corridors of the city they live in). Ironically, being a fish out of water arguably makes the Mandrels one of the more realistic creatures in Doctor Who’s menagerie…

Nightmare of Eden will never compete with the recognised Doctor Who classics, and there are some parts where the production team leapt for the stars and fell flat on their faces, but for me it’s one of those hidden, inventive gems that makes the series so refreshing.

Niall’s entry also happens to the be longest I received, so I thought that made him doubly deserving of a win. :-)

Congratulations to all the winners. And many thanks to Roadshow Entertainment for providing the giveaway copies.

And don’t forget to check out my review of “Nightmare of Eden”.

Catch ya later,  George

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