DVD Giveaways at Continuum

This coming weekend I’ll be attending Continuum 8, the 51st Australian National Science Fiction Convention, in Melbourne. And thanks to Roadshow Entertainment I’ll be giving away DVDs. :-)

I’ll have a number of Doctor Who DVDs, as well as some Sarah Jane Adventures.

Some of the Doctor Who DVDs will be given out during The Great Doctor Who Smackdown, an event in which I and fellow author Narrelle M Harris will argue about various nitpicky elements of our favourite television series. And The Sarah Jane Adventures will be given out during Let’s Traumatise the Kiddies, a discussion of frightening elements in children’s television.

So if you’re in Melbourne… Come along! For more info about Continuum 8, check out their website.

Catch ya later,  George

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2 comments on “DVD Giveaways at Continuum

  1. Gillian on said:

    I’ve got scheduling conflict, drabbit. If I asked you really, really, really nicely, and if there aren’t thousands of other madkeen fans, could you possibly think of me for a Sarah Jane? I haven’t even seen them all, which is unlike me.

    • Hi Gillian. Just one series of Sarah Jane Adventures, I’m afraid. I can’t keep it aside… that wouldn’t be fair. But you could always send a minion to the panel on your behalf. :-) And there are quite a few classic Doctor Who DVDs which will be given out through the course of the con.
      See you at the con, George

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