WINNERS — Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Thank you to everyone who entered the Blu-ray giveaway for two copies of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. And thank you to Roadshow Entertainment for providing the copies. The guest judge, Sue Bursztynski, has made her decision and so it’s time to announce the winners.

The question people had to answer was as follows…

If you had only one word to sum up Phryne Fisher, what would it be?

Take it away, Sue…

Winner #1:
Kerrie Dawes-Lynch

Why did I choose this one? Reading all the entries, every single word used was absolutely right in describing Phryne (some words were entered by several people). She is indeed sassy, intelligent, adventurous, fascinating, spirited, sexy, etc. But it’s her generosity that makes her what she is. Phryne was poor as a child. As an adult, she is rich and she enjoys that, but she also helps others get the most out of her wealth, in every single book, whether it’s handing over money to pay the rent of a woman about to be thrown out of her home or using her social standing to defend someone downtrodden.

Winner #2:
Meredith Robbins

I chose this word because it covers so many of the others.

The Thesaurus gives the following synonyms:

chic, dashing, elegant, exclusive, fashionable, high-class, in, in vogue, mod, modish, posh, select, sharp, superior

Phryne is all those but more. She is, in my opinion, classy in the best sense of the word. Here’s one definition I found online in “”, an item entitled “How to be Classy”:

“You need to cultivate respect. And that means respect for everyone, including yourself. Take care to be polite to others and to reflect a genuine interest in them. Be confident in yourself, dress how you want and act accordingly.”

Sound familiar?

So that is my second choice for a prize. I’d love to see every one of the 94 entries win, but there are only two prizes, alas (and I don’t get one!) so I went for the words that I felt implied the rest. Congratulations to the winners.

George’s bit at the end

A BIG than you to Sue for judging the comp. If you want to know more about her and her writing (she’s the author of the rather awesome werewolf novel, Wolfborn), check out her blog, The Great Raven.

Don’t forget to check out my review of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is released on DVD and Blu-ray in Australia by Roadshow Entertainmnet.

Catch ya later,  George

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One comment on “WINNERS — Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

  1. A simple thing, but thank you for saying how many entries there were. I often go in competitions (and occasionally win!), but I never know if I was the one out of three who missed out, or was I the one out of 625,777.

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