WINNERS — Doctor Who: Death to the Daleks

Thanks to Roadshow Entertainment I have four DVD copies of the classic Doctor Who story, “Death to the Daleks”, to give away. The winners have been chosen!

Here’s the question they had to answer…

I really don’t think that “Death to the Daleks” is a particularly good name for this story. It implies that someone is out to kill off the Daleks, and that’s not the case. So, for your chance of winning a copy of this DVD, simply suggest a better title.

We had only 27 entries for this competition… Quite a drop in numbers from the last comp, which had 94 entries. But that meant the odds were better if you entered. :-)

The majority of entries concerned themselves with the Daleks. But there were two entrants that thought the Exxilon city deserved star billing rather than the Daleks. I agree. And they both provided explanations… which I also agree with.

The City of Exxilon — Since it was fundamentally a main character in the story.

City of the Exxilons — purely because I believe the Dalek stories should have more mystery in their titles, so you get a surprise at the appearance of Daleks in the story.

Then, I simply could not go past the most direct title option…

Never Trust The Daleks

Oh so true.

And finally, the answer with the most outrageous pun…

Dalek’ M for Murder

Yes, it has nothing to do with the actual events of the story. But neither does the original title.

Congratulations to all four winners! Your DVDs will be in the mail shortly.

And stay tuned for the next giveaway — The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Complete Fifth Series.

Catch ya later,  George


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