WINNERS — The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Complete Fifth Series

Thanks to Roadshow Entertainment I have four DVD copies of The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Complete Fifth Series to give away. The winners have been chosen!

Here’s the question they had to answer…

The Doctor carries a sonic screwdriver. Sarah Jane Smith carries sonic lipstick. What sort of sonic device would you choose?

Guest judge, David McDonald (check out his blog), has made his decision. Take it away David…

Well, George, I have to say that I was extremely impressed with the ingenuity and imagination of your readers! Some of the entries boggled the mind, and I now have another list of gadgets to dream about owning.

There were a few common elements, food and booze and, surprisingly, hedgehogs (it took me a while to work out the link), plus a proliferation of puns, some better than others. It was hard to narrow them down but I’ve finally managed to come up with four very deserving winners. But there could have easily been more.

My first winner is obviously someone after my own heart. I use my iPhone for everything. It may as well have “Don’t Panic” written on the front! Sonic capabilities would be the icing on the cake –

I really want a sonic iPhone. It does everything else I want it to. It should be able to start my car and unlock doors for me as well.

Not surprisingly for a British TV show, tea featured prominently in the entries but one entry got extra points for the Classic Who reference:

Sonic Travel Mug, Dimensionally Transcendent and filled with an infinite supply of English Breakfast Tea

Now, that would come in very handy! Though if it could do coffee as well I might have given them two prizes…

Moving on to other consumables, if you’ve ever found yourself in the position of having a bottle to open, but no corkscrew in the house, you would see the genius in the following idea:

A sonic corkscrew – would get into any bottle or can with ease and dignity.

Cheers, indeed!

And for my final winner, an entry that works on many levels.

I would carry my “Sonic Hearing Aids” as I am elderly.

Not only is it a very practical suggestion, it also would provide the perfect cover story. While other items might be discovered and confiscated, hearing aids would probably slip under the radar and only the most heartless of villains would deprive someone of such a necessity even if they were to notice them. I can just imagine the First Doctor with a pair of those – and selectively adjusting them depending on what he wants to hear!

Thanks for asking me to judge this giveaway, and to everyone who submitted an entry. There were so many good ideas that it really made my job difficult!

George’s bit at the end

Congratulations to all four winners! Your DVDs will be in the mail shortly.

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Catch ya later,  George

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