WINNERS — Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: Music from the Television Series

Thanks to Roadshow Entertainment I have three CD copies of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: Music from the Television Series to give away. The winners have been chosen!

Here’s what they had to do to get one:

For your chance to win a copy, simply tell me why I should give you one. The three answers I like best will get a CD.

There were lots of great answers, so thank you to everyone who entered. Now, my choices…

I just couldn’t go past a little bit of poetry. So here’s the first winner:

My children are driving me batty,
I’m totally stressed to the max,
This CD is just what I need,
To sit, listen, drink and relax!


I love listening to music of all eras and styles — from classical compositions to 1920s jazz to current disposable pop. I’m intrigued how people often get stuck in a musical rut, only listening to the era of music they grew up with. Much as I love music from the 80s (the decade in which I was a teenager) it is a little trying that so many of my friends listen only to this style of music, when I’d prefer to mix things up a bit. So, I chose the next winner because he’s listening to music so far before his era. He’s about to turn 21 and he want to listen to 1920s music… BRILLIANT!

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is a fantastic series, but the highlight for me is by far the music used. I’m a massive fan of the 1920s, the music and style in particular. There’s really nothing which I enjoy more in music than a swell little song from the roaring Twenties! Of late I’m particularly in love with the song “Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall In Love”, but unfortunately no renditions of this song have fallen into my collection yet.

Anyway, it’s also my 21st this year, and to celebrate I’m having a 1920s themed costume party. Having this collection of songs would greatly add to the atmosphere of the party.

Oh, and I tend to go to sleep each night with either the radio or a CD playing in the background; no doubts this album would be singing me to sleep on many a night, if I were to own it.


Finally, since I’m a father and Fathers’ Day is fast approaching, how could I possible deny another dad such a fabulous gift.

I would love this CD for my dad for father’s day. He’s so hard to pick presents for but I know he would LOVE this CD as much as he loved the series.


Congratulations to all three winners! Your CDs will be in the mail shortly.

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Catch ya later,  George

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2 comments on “WINNERS — Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: Music from the Television Series

  1. Quite a while ago now, but thank you awfully for the CD. It is indeed a fantastic compilation of 1920s music, and I’ve no doubt listened to it many times over by now. Unfortunately I didn’t end up having that themed birthday party, though the year following I had a picnic in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, and I was sure to have included some of the songs from this CD in the picnic playlist. Any chance you’ll be running competitions for the second series gear?

    Kind regards,

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