WINNERS — Doctor Who: The Krotons

Three DVD copies of Doctor Who: The Krotons were up for grabs, thanks to Roadshow Entertainment. The winners have been chosen.

Entrants had to suggest an alternative title for this classic Doctor Who story. Guest judge Sarah Winwood, secretary of the Doctor Who Club of Australia, has made her choices…

I have been so excited about this contest and it even gave me an excuse to re-watch “The Krotons” (not that I need an excuse to watch Doctor Who). There were some really fantastic entries, showing clear analysis of the story and its monsters. The three titles which I think best describe these alien parasites are:

“The Tellurium Terror”

I think it sounds like a very typical Doctor Who title; it is intriguing and cleverly refers to the unique substance that the Krotons and their ship are made from.

“The Quasites”

A very Sci-Fi / Docotr Who type name that refers to their crystalline makeup. It would make them sound more menacing — you can picture the doctor saying “Quasites” in an angry manner (like Seinfeld saying “Newman”). Plus I like the letter Q.

“Knowledge Is Power”

Very profound yet literal in this case, and like all power has the potential to do great harm as the Gonds discovered. Knowledge is one of the greatest powers that the Doctor possess and at times he is greatly burdened by this perceived strength.

Thank you everyone for such great suggestions and thank you George for this opportunity.

George’s bit at the end

Congratulations to all three winners! Your DVDs will be in the mail shortly. And thank you to Sarah for being guest judge.

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Catch ya later,  George

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