WINNERS — Doctor Who: Planet of Giants

Three DVD copies of Doctor Who: Planet of Giants were up for grabs, thanks to Roadshow Entertainment. The winners have been chosen.

Entrants had to answer the following question…

When the TARDIS crew find themselves shrunk in “Planet of Giants”, they encounter giant humans, a cat and some insects. What else would you have liked to see them encounter?

There were lots of interesting answers, but this one was my favourite:

I’m thinking perhaps The Beatles, as Beatlemania was at its peak during William Hartnell’s incarnation as The Doctor (so they really were BIG).

I love the idea of The Beatles guest starring on Doctor Who.

Next up we have:

Giant Birds that swoop on the TARDIS crew taking the crew to their nests, to feed to their baby birds.

I’m not sure that the 1960s BBC special effects would have been up to this… but it would have been really dramatic if they had managed it.

And finally:

I would have loved to see them encounter Gold Fish!

So would I, Sheralee. I like the idea of the tiny TARDIS crew staring into a giant fish bowl. It would have been a great image.

Congratulations to all three winners! Your DVDs will be in the mail shortly.

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Stay tuned for another Doctor Who DVD giveaway… coming real soon!

Catch ya later,  George

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