WINNERS — Doctor Who: Series 7, Part 1

Thanks to Roadshow Entertainment I have three DVD copies of Doctor Who: Series 7, Part 1 to give away. The winners have been chosen.

Here’s the question that entrants had to answer…

In Series 7, Part 1, the Doctor gets to visit the American Wild West, Manhattan, the Daleks’ asylum planet, a spaceship full of dinosaurs and, of course, the UK. Where would you like to see him go next?

I very much like the idea of the Doctor coming down under and visiting Australia. So did A LOT of the entrants. So many, in fact, that I couldn’t pick that answer as the winner… I don’t have that many DVDs to give away. :-) Not to worry, there were lots of other great answers to pick from.

First off, let’s go with a serious answer. Adrian suggested the planet Telos. Wonderful! I would love to see Dcotor #11 revisiting the tomb of the Cybermen. It has already been announced that Neil Gaiman has written a Cybermen story that will be part of Series 7, Part 2. So maybe Telos is on the agenda?

Secondly, I chose a less serious answer. Kirsten suggested Graceland. Yes, I think it would be rather amusing to see the Doctor meet up with Elvis. Perhaps they could even perform a duet?

And thirdly, I chose Jamie’s answer. Not only did he suggest a place, but he provided a potential plotline involving Rutans, Sontarans and Ice Warriors…

“In the next part of Doctor Who Series 7 I would like the Doctor and new companion Clara to land on Mars where a human communications centre can’t transmit or receive anything, and the transmissions are being blocked by a spaceship above. Rutans have tracked Sontarans to the planet and when the Rutan spacecraft lands it melts the city of the ice warriors. The Doctor has to stop the battle happening between Rutans and Sontarans, and stop the Ice Warriors from getting the communications centre where a teleport can transmit them to Earth, which they will invade. The city of the Ice Warriors would hold about 500-1000 Ice Warriors in deep sleep.”

I would very much like to see the Ice Warriors make an appearance in the new series.

Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to the winners. Your DVDs are in the mail.

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Catch ya later,  George

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