WINNERS — Episodes: Series 1 & 2 box set / Series

Time to announce the winners of the Episodes DVD giveaway. Many thanks to Roadshow Entertainment for providing three sets of Episodes: Series 2 and one box set of Episodes: Series 1 & 2 to give away.

Here’s what people had to do to enter…

Episodes features Matt LeBlanc playing a fictionalised version of himself. Name one other celebrity you would like to see appearing on this show, playing him/herself.

By far the most suggestions I got were for other cast members of Friends, the series that made Matt LeBlanc famous. Series 2 of Episodes actually has an episode that focuses on Matt’s attempts to get another Friends star to appear on the Puck’s sitcom that he’s starring in. I decided to go for some less obvious answers…

First place, and the two-season box set, goes to Marg for her suggestion of Dame Edna Everage. Yes, I could definitely see Dame Edna making a splash on Episodes.

Next up we had the suggestion of Ricky Gervais. Given that his series, The Office, actually made a successful transition from the UK to the US, he seems like an ideal choice. So, the two people who suggested him, Jennifer and Roberto, will each get Series 2 on DVD.

There were also a lot of suggestions for Australian celebrities, from actors through to politicians. A number of people suggested Hugh Jackman, but only Tania wrote a poem about him…

He’s Aussie through and through
Talented and handsome is our Hugh
Actor, Singer, Dancer and More
It’s Hugh Jackman whom I adore.

So, Tania also gets a copy of Series 2.

Many thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to the winners.

Catch ya later,  George

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One comment on “WINNERS — Episodes: Series 1 & 2 box set / Series

  1. Congratulations winners!

    I can’t believe I missed this competition, argh would have been great.

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