WINNERS — Doctor Who: The Reign of Terror

Thanks to Roadshow Entertainment I have three DVD copies of Doctor Who: The Reign of Terror to give away. Thanks to guest judge Ben McKenzie, the three winners have been chosen. Read on…

Here’s the question that people had to answer:

In “The Reign of Terror”, Barbara says she’s learned not to try and change history. If you could change history, though, what would you go back and change? Why?

Now I’ll hand over to Ben to announce the winners…

Lots people wanted to go back in time and stop Hitler, and a few others wanted to save the dinosaurs (and I love you all – I wish I could meet a real dinosaur!), but this one was unique. Whether there was a Unicorn (or indeed an Ark, or a Noah) is up for debate, but I agree – the world needs more Unicorns! Plus it reminded me of the old Irish Rovers song, The Unicorn, that my great grandfather used to sing.

“I have given a lot of thought to this question over the years, even when simply looking into my own life. Of course it’s tempting to say let’s go back and kill Hitler…. being a bleeding heart, I would love to go back into history and make changes. But at what point? From all angles there is no real benefit to changing history, because we don’t have the luxury of seeing what the change will bring. The alternative could be much much worse. So for me I wouldn’t change history. But if I had to change one event, I’d go back to Noah and the great flood and I”d save those silly Unicorns. lol The world needs more Unicorns.”

In a similar vein, quite a few of you wanted to go back and save some of the missing episodes of Doctor Who – even though this would mean missing out on the great animation in The Reign of Terror! But this entrant’s backup plan is genius, even though it’s technically cheating; I wouldn’t want to reward a cheater, so I’m giving them the prize before it becomes necessary!

“If I could go back and change history, I’d go dumpster diving behind the Lime Grove Studios in the early 70s. For my second trip, I’d wait until the results of this competition were announced and then go back in time to think of a wittier answer than this once I’d seen what the winning response was.”

This one made me laugh! I like it’s simplicity, and also that it’s highly unlikely to negatively affect anyone else. Plus, I think we can all relate; thankfully most of the similar photos of me were taken before there were digital cameras, so they’re not likely to end up on Facebook any time soon!

“Wear a different dress to my formal so that no photos of me in THAT HORRIBLE dress can reappear in the future tagged on Facebook!”

George’s bit at the end

Congrats to all the winners and many thanks to Ben McKenzie from Splendid Chaps for doing the judging.

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Catch ya later,  George

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One comment on “WINNERS — Doctor Who: The Reign of Terror

  1. Thanks for picking me. Yes I love that song and that is what inspired the answer :) Congrats to the other winners.

    My son just pointed out that going back and stopping Hitler could actually affect my family personally; my grandparents met while serving in World War II. Si if there was no HItler I may not be here, is my son’s reasoning. I like to think they would have met anyway but once again it proves my point :D

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