WINNERS — The Adventures of Merlin: Series Five

Thank you to everyone who entered the Merlin DVD giveaway. Time to announce the winners and give away three copies of The Adventures of Merlin: Series Five, courtesy of Roadshow Entertainment.

Here’s the question entrants had to answer…

With The Adventures of Merlin concluded after five seasons, there are now rumours of a possible spinoff series. Which character from The Adventures of Merlin, or from Arthurian legends in general, would you like to see in their own series?

The largest number of entries voted for either Merlin continuing on without Arthur, or for more adventures with Arthur prior to his death. Morgana also got lots of votes. After these main characters, it was Sir Gawain who many entrants wanted in a spinoff. I rather like that idea. I think he could have made a good lead in a series all his own. Alas, there were too many people suggesting him and I didn’t have that many DVDs to give out. So, I’ve chosen some less obvious possibilities.

First up, Inge suggested a series focussing on the Druids. This could, indeed, be interesting, with a somewhat different focus to the Merlin series.

Next we have Narelle, who suggested the Dragon. I could really see this working as an animated series. And, of course, we would have to have John Hurt doing the voice.

Finally, we have this answer from Alison…

The spinoff series I would like to see most for Merlin is a series all about Llamrei (King Arthur’s Horse), undoubtedly the unsung hero of Arthurian Legend.

Enough about those knights and their silly quests, let’s hear about Llamrei, the horse behind the armour, under the man, behind the armour … . What really goes on in the Palace stables after dark? And what about those long picnics with Guinevere? Secrets only she can tell. Llamrei, knowing when to charge and when to retreat.

It made me laugh, so I had to award it a prize.  :-)

Thank you to everyone who entered. Don’t forget to check out my review of The Adventures of Merlin: Series Five. And keep an eye on Viewing Clutter for the next giveaway… Doctor Who: The Ark in Space, Special Edition. Coming Soon!

Catch ya later,  George

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One comment on “WINNERS — The Adventures of Merlin: Series Five

  1. Well, it appears we actually have a fourth winner. It seems that one entry ended up in my spam folder… and that entry also suggested the Dragon get his own show. Sorry about that, Carl. Your DVD is in the mail. :-)

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