WINNERS — Doctor Who: The Aztecs, Special Edition

Three DVD copies of the classic Doctor Who story, “The Aztecs” are now on their way to the winners of our latest giveaway. Many thanks to Roadshow Entertainment for providing the discs.

Here’s the question that entrants had to answer…

“The Aztecs” is a purely historical story with no SF elements other than the time travelling which brought the Doctor and his companions to this point in history. Historical stories such as this have not featured in the series for a very long time. If the next season of Doctor Who was to have a purely historical story in it, in which period of history would you like to see it set?

A number of the entries suggested various periods from Australia’s history. And yes, I would love to see a story set on our fair shores. It was Ben who came up with my favourite answer…

I’d like to see the Doctor visit a much earlier historical period than usual for the new series: pre-European settlement Australia. It would be great to see the cultural clash between an Aboriginal society and the modern white companion, plus there could be monsters in the form of megafauna, and would also be a great opportunity to film in Australia with a local guest cast!

Couldn’t have come up with a better idea myself.

Second place goes to Leesa, who had a personal reason for her choice of historical period…

The 60’s – My kids don’t believe a thing I say happened then, but they’d believe it if they saw the Doctor do it!

And finally we have Vic, with a self-serving answer that certainly made me laugh…

My answer is the Russian Revolution. Reason? I could dust off an old Virgin New Adventures proposal I never sent in (set, no surprises, between the March and October revolutions, with no SF elements!) and pitch it to Steven Moffat. :-)

Good luck with the pitch, Vic.  ;-)

Congrats to the winners. And thanks to all those who entered. Keep an eye on Viewing Clutter for more giveaways… coming soon!

And check out my review of Doctor Who: The Aztecs, Special Edition.

Catch ya later,  George

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