WINNERS — Doctor Who: Series 7, Part 2

This was a tough one! So many great answers. Very hard to choose. But a choice had to be made because I only have three Blu-ray copies of Doctor Who: Series 7, Part 2 to giveaway. Many thanks to the wonderful people at Roadshow Entertainment for providing them. Now, let’s see who won…

Here’s the question I asked:

Series 7.2 featured the return of the Ice Warriors and the upcoming Anniversary Special will see the reappearance of the Zygons. Which classic series monster/alien/villain would you like to see make a return in the next series?

So many great suggestions! I had to cut out some of those great answers simply because too many people suggested them. And so the Krynoids fall by the wayside. As does Alpha Centauri. But only two people suggested the Meddling Monk. Great idea! Thanks, Aaron and Daniel. Blu-rays are coming your way.

And the third set goes to Raphael for suggesting the Eight Legs from “Planet of the Spiders”. Aside from the fact that I love this story, I think spiders are utterly creepy. I’m sure the return of the Eight Legs would traumatise children across the globe. ;-) And I’d love to see the Doctor return to Metebelis III.

Many thanks to all those who entered. Keep an eye on Viewing Clutter for more giveaways… Coming Soon!

In the meantime, check out my review of Doctor Who: Series 7, Part2.

Catch ya later,  George

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