WINNERS — Doctor Who: The Tenth Planet

DVD copies of Doctor Who: The Tenth Planet are in the mail and on the way to three Viewing Clutter readers. Thanks to the wonderful people at Roadshow Entertainment for providing the DVDs.

Entrants simply had to suggest an alternative title for this story.

First up, we have Claudia and Alex, both of who suggested “The Ninth Planet”, thus bringing the story into the 21st Century. (Poor old Pluto… I feel so sorry for it.)

And then we have Fraser, who suggested “The Final Flesh”. Well, that’s just a little bit CREEPY!

Congrats to the winners — your DVDs are in the mail. And thank you to everyone who entered.

Don’t forget that the giveaway for Doctor Who: The Enemy of the World is still running. And keep an eye on Viewing Clutter for more giveaways and reviews.

Check out my review of Doctor Who: The Tenth Planet.

Catch ya later,  George

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One comment on “WINNERS — Doctor Who: The Tenth Planet

  1. I think it is at least a little weird that there is another Fraser entering and winning your competitions. I read – And then we have Fraser, who suggested “The Final Flesh” – and thought, but that wasn’t what I wrote :-)

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