DVD Giveaway — Doctor Who: The Moonbase

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all those who entered.

Thanks to Raodshow Entertainment, I’ve got three DVD copies of Doctor Who: The Moonbase to give away. Want to win a copy? Read on…

For your chance to win a DVD copy of Doctor Who: The Moonbase, simply complete this quote from a Cyberman: “Only stupid Earth brains like yours would have _________.”

But don’t give me the actual quote. Make something up. Be entertaining. I’ll choose my three favourite responses. Send your answers to: givanoff@optusnet.com.au with MOONBASE GIVEAWAY in the subject line.

You must be an Australian resident with an Australian postal address to enter. Only one entry per person… okay! So please, don’t try putting multiple answers in your entry. :-)

The competition closes at 5pm (Melb time) on Friday 21 February 2014, after which I will choose the winners. The winners will be contacted by email as well as being listed in the comments section of this post. No correspondence on the matter will be entered into. Got that? Good!

Good luck!

Meanwhile, check out my review of Doctor Who: The Moonbase.

Catch ya later,  George

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2 comments on “DVD Giveaway — Doctor Who: The Moonbase

  1. Well now that is a bit freaky lol

    thanks :)

    and congrats to the other winners :)

  2. There were three entries with the same answer, albeit with different wording. And it was such an appropriate answer for a Patrick Troughton story. Those three winners are…
    Matthew — “Only stupid Earth brains like yours would have junked all the tapes of those classic 1960s Doctor Who episodes !”
    Mister Andersen — “Only stupid Earth brains like yours would have junked all those episodes.”
    Bron — “Only stupid Earth brains like yours would have been so short-sighted as to destroy so many episodes of classic Doctor Who all those years ago.”

    And in addition to these winners, I’ve decided to give away an additional copy simply because I’m a bit of a Colin Baker fan…
    Mike — “Only stupid Earth brains like yours would have fired Colin Baker!”

    Congrats to all the winners. Your disc will be in the mail this week. :-)

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