You Choose covers

2015 has arrived and it’s time to reveal the covers for the next two You Choose books. Due for release on 1 May, they are Night of the Creepy Carnival and Alien Invaders From Beyond the Stars. As with the first four books, the covers and internal illustrations are from the awesome James Hart.

I love these covers so much. Can’t wait to see the books in print. :-)

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2 comments on “You Choose covers

  1. Kath S on said:

    Just curious – are they written specifically for a boy reader? Is that your brief? Just wondering what the process is in choosing your main audience. (Mind you, I grew up on a steady diet of “Encyclopaedia Brown”, “Hardy Boys” boys etc as well as the mainstay ‘girl’ books. )

    • Hi Kath,
      I don’t write these specifically for boys. The main character is the reader and there are a mix of male and female characters in each of the books. But they do tend to be seen as boy books because of the subject matter… sci-fi, adventure, etc. And they tend to be marketed more to boys. But I do have a lot of girl readers, which I’m very pleased about because I think that all stories should be for everyone. :-)

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