Kellogg’s Free Book Promotion

I’m part of a breakfast cereal promotion! Well… my books are. Which is pretty cool.

Kellogg’s are running a book promotion with some of their breakfast cereals from 1 January to the 8 April 2017 in Australia and New Zealand. Buy two specially marked boxes of cereal and you can get a free book. There are 30 titles to choose from, including two of my YOU CHOOSE books — The Treasure of Dead Man’s Cove and Mayhem at Magic School.

Other authors with books in this promotion include Andrew Weldon, Jacqueline Harvey, Tania Ingram, Belinda Murrell, Frank Woodley, Rebecca Johnson, Christina Miesen, R. A. Spratt, Felice Arena, Sofie Laguna, Lucia Masciullo, David Metzenthen, Rick Riordan, Lisa Gibbs, Bernadette Hellard, Melina Marchetta, Zoe Foster, Barbara Hannay, Grace West, Fiona Palmer and Morris Gleitzman. What an incredible lineup to be a part of.

To find out more about this promotion, check out

There you have it… my breakfast cereal promotion participation. Thankfully my face doesn’t actually appear on the cereal packets – we wouldn’t want to put people off their food. ;-)

So get thee to a supermarket, fill up your breakfast bowl and start reading!

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2 comments on “Kellogg’s Free Book Promotion

  1. Karl Pfeifer on said:

    The list has nothing for teens 14+ and the adult books are girlie books. What a complete disappointment.

    • Hi Karl,
      Sorry that you’re disappointed with the choices. I’m afraid I have no say over the books chosen for the promotion. The list will have been put together by someone at Kelloggs. I’m just happy they went with a couple of mine. :-) Having said that, there are some books for teens, including “Saving Francesca” and “On The Jellicoe Road” by Melina Marchetta. And as for ‘girlie’ books… When I do school talks I often suggest that girls should give boyish books a go and that boys should try out some girlie books, as it fosters understanding. I think it applies to grown-ups as well. So why not take this as an opportunity to try out a girlie book.
      Happy Reading, George

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