The Doorway Opens

Today, the doorway opens on OTHER WORLDS with the publication of books one and two – Perfect World and Beast World. This new series of sci-fi/fantasy/adventure books, aimed at kids aged 8 and up, is officially launched today! I celebrated Publication Day this morning with a fancy cheesecake. :-)

I am so excited about this series of books. I’ve always had a liking for portal fiction, so getting the chance to write my own has been a dream come true. Plus, I’ve thrown so much of myself into this series, the stories reflecting my belief in diversity and inclusiveness and the need for everyone to be who they really are. I hope readers will like it.

Today is extra special, as I can also reveal the covers for books three and four (which will be published on 28 May). All the covers and internal illustrations are again by James Hart, the man who gave the You Choose books such an incredible vitality and who now brings a dynamic excitement to this new series. Thanks, James!

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2 comments on “The Doorway Opens

  1. Hi George,
    Great covers again! You are such a prolific writer, well done!
    I’m going to Somerset again in March, just the one day and it’s all ladies.
    Your name wasn’t on the list.

    • Hi Jill,
      Thanks for your kind comments. Ah… Somerset! Such a wonderful festival. I spoke there a few years ago and have since been living in hope that they will once again invite me one day. :-)

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