Occasionally I moonlight as an actor.

Due to the recent closure of the agency I was with, I am currently unrepresented. Anyone interested in booking me should contact me directly via email.

In 1996 I graduated from a three year course at the National Theatre Drama School in Melbourne. Since then I’ve done a lot of short films and student films, a reasonable number of corporate and educational vids, some theatre, and even a bit of film and television.

Way back in 1996 I had a small role on Neighbours, playing a delivery guy who brings pot plants to the wrong place. More recently, I played a University Professor in the feature film Frozen Butterflies and a bureaucratic army officer in the film William Kelly’s War (see trailer).

In the wonderful world of audio, I voiced the role of Scribe in a season 2 episode of Night Terrace (an online sci-fi comedy series). I also had a role in the prequel series Hello, My Name is Eddy. And, of course, I’ve done the voice overs for my own book trailers.

Recent work…

2015 Night Terrace, season 2, episode 3 (audio series) Scribe, Dir: John Richards
2015 Hello, My Name is Eddy, episode 4: “The Phsychological Experiment of Death” (audio series) Williams, Dir: Ben Mackenzie
2014 William Kelly’s War (feature film) Major Jones, Dir. Geoff Davis
2012 Eleanor Xandler: Temporal Detective (short film) Captain Galloway, Dir. Paul Potiki
2011 Two Us (short film) the boyfriend, Dir. Gary Hegedus.
2011 Charlie McFarley & The Secret to Making New Friends (animation) Narrator, Dir. Rob Hamilton
2011 Mole Hunt by Paul Collins (book trailer) Narrator, Dir. Henry Gibbens.
2011 Gamers’ Challenge by George Ivanoff (book trailer) Narrator, Dir. Henry Gibbens.
2009 Frozen Butterflies (feature film) Prof Wentworth, Dir. Mark Lipkin

And something not so recent…

Here’s a really old photo of me and Treat Williams from the mini-series Journey to the Center of the Earth. I was just a featured extra in this, and my scenes all ended up on the cutting-room floor, but this photo showed up on the inside of the CD soundtrack sleeve. :-)