RFDS Adventures

A high-octane adventure series for children written in partnership with the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

The RFDS Adventures is a series of exciting stories set in remote parts of Australia. Each story features the activities of Australia’s Royal Flying Doctor Service.

These books are aimed at mid to upper primary level. Each book is a stand-alone story. They do not need to be read in any particular order.

The covers and internal illustrations are by Maria Pena.

Book 1: Remote Rescue

An isolated location and a last minute complication put this rescue in danger!

Sam, Dawson and Emma are taking a road trip with their dad. On their way up the long Outback Highway they stop to camp at Farina, an old ghost town. The place is full of crumbling buildings – perfect for a game of chasey. But as they run through the ruins, their dad loses his footing. He falls, seriously injuring his leg and it’s up to the kids to find help. Eventually, they manage to call the Royal Flying Doctor Service but the situation is so bad that ten-year old Dawson has to administer First Aid to his dad until the bush ambulance arrives.

RFDS 1: Remote Rescue
ISBN: 9780857988768
Published by Random House Australia in February 2016.

Book 2: Emergency Echo

It’s a race against time and the destructive forces of nature!

Twelve-year-old Alice lives in the outback mining town of Mount Magnet. One afternoon, she is struck down with acute appendicitis. To make things worse, the nearest hospital is 200 kilometres away and Alice’s appendix could rupture at any moment. An urgent call is made to the Royal Flying Doctor Service and a plane is despatched. But as a massive storm approaches, the pressure is on for the RFDS to get to Alice and transport her to the hospital before it hits.

RFDS 2: Emergency Echo
ISBN: 9780857988782
Published by Random House Australia in February 2016.

Book 3: Medical Mission

The challenges of outback life create a double mission for the RFDS!

In the middle of the night Josh watches as a Royal Flying Doctor Service plane lands on his family’s cattle station, just outside of Coober Pedy. The RFDS are there to help his mother deliver her baby, but after the birth both his mum and the baby need to be taken to hospital. Josh and his dad stay to look after their property and Josh starts organising a fundraiser for the RFDS. His efforts are cut short when he is bitten by a deadly snake – time is now ticking to get Josh the antivenom he needs.

RFDS 3: Medical Mission
ISBN: 9780857988805
Published by Random House Australia in May 2016.

Book 4: Fast Flight

A chance for a new lease on life means the stakes are high on this flight!

Dillon loves playing cricket and is forever getting in trouble for his messy room. He’s just a normal kid – except for the fact that he has a rare genetic disorder and desperately needs a liver transplant. Finally, the call that Dillon and his family have been waiting for comes. But it’s 12.30 am and Dillon needs to get from his home in Adelaide to the hospital in Melbourne. An urgent flight with the Royal Flying Doctor Service is the only option.

RFDS 4: Fast Flight
ISBN: 9780857988829
Published by Random House Australia in May 2016.

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10 comments on “RFDS Adventures

  1. Amelie Reddick on said:

    Hi George, thanks for coming to our school today.
    I really enjoyed your talk. It was interesting and amusing.
    I was just about to ask you a question, but we ran out of time. I was wondering how long it took you to write your RFDS books.
    I’m really interested to read these books, because my uncle is a RFDS doctor.
    Thanks so much. Amelie????????????????????????????

    • Hi Amelie,
      Thanks for your messages. :-)
      I loved coming to visit your school. Everyone was so enthusiastic and welcoming.
      Each RFDS book took me about two and a half months to write. It was a wonderful experience. I got to learn so much about this amazing organisation and the people who work for it.
      Again, thanks for your message.
      All the best, George

  2. Amelie Reddick on said:

    Hi I love your RFDS books they are so amazing you are very talented!!! I don’t read so much but now you have really changed that thanks!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. Amelie Reddick on said:

    Hey today you had a great presentation because you came to our school at grammar it was so cool thanks and you have real talent and how long did it take you to write all your RFDS books!!! Thanks so much

  4. Great series, thank you George :)

  5. Hi, my name is Logan and Im a grade 4 student at Cape Clear Primary School. Ive just started reading Medical Mission and I’m really enjoying it.

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the other books in the series! :)

  6. Marissa Caluzzi on said:

    I am writing on behalf of one of my students, as she has loved reading this series, and she would like to know if any more are going to be published?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Marissa,
      I’m so pleased that your student has enjoyed this series. There are no current plans for further titles in this series. This series was conceived by Penguin Random House in conjunction with the RFDS, and I was commissioned to write the four books. If they wanted me to write more, I certainly would. But for the time being I’m working on further titles for my YOU CHOOSE series. :-)

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