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  1. Hi, George, I love your books.
    I am Viana from PLC the school you visited on the 31st of October.
    I just wanted to say I LOVED your books.
    I just started reading The Australian Natural Survival Guide and I think it is very helpful and makes me want to L.O.L
    Keep writing your awesome books
    From Viana
    P.S I don’t have a website since I am only in grade 3

  2. Hi George I am Viana From PLC the school you visited on 31st of October I just wanted to say I just started reading your The Australia Natural Survival Guide and I LOVE it and I think it is very useful a lot and you make me also want to L.O.L
    Keep writing your awsome books

    • Hi Viana. I enjoyed my visit to PLC. I’m very happy to hear that you’re enjoying The Australia Survival Guide. I enjoyed writing that book so much and I’m very excited about it being published.
      All the best, George

  3. Dear George Ivanoff You have inspired me in your you choose books when I saw how hard the planing was I really respect the book I am reading the second series and guess what I died more than six times it was really fun reading your books and hopefully I’ll read the Australian survival guide with sounds really interesting

    From your favorite fan Eva (from PLC)

  4. Hello George,
    I love your books and you are a great author.
    You came to my classroom today i loved your engaging storytelling and your enthusiasm for writing i really like your way of planning stories.I hope to be a marvelous writer like you.
    From Marcus

    • Hi Marcus,
      Thank you so much. I really enjoyed visiting Serpell and had loads of fun answering all the questions. Looking forward to seeing your name on a book one day.

  5. Hi George love your books keep up the good work. I’m a big DoctorWho fan as well. Who is your favourite doctor? Cheers Con

  6. James Kwan on said:

    Hi George

    thanks for visiting my school today ( Mazenod college) you gave a great and inspiring introductory session and a Fantastic character study workshop. I have stopped writing stuff this year, but because of your presentation, I am gonna start writing again. and I am gonna pick up one of those Other World books you mentioned. again thanks very much for presenting, also very nice 12th doctor screw driver. Allons-y

    James Kwan

    • Hi James.
      I’m so pleased that you’re going to give writing another go. Yay! :-)
      I enjoyed visiting Mazenod College and am flattered that you’re going to read an OTHER WORDS book.
      All the best, George

  7. isaiah on said:

    hi george you visited my school at marist college ashgrove and yo inspired
    me to read more books. my first book i readwas other worlds: beast world
    plz write back to me p.s this is my mums email

  8. Alisha on said:

    Dear George
    today you visited our school. you presentation was so good I don’t realy like reading books but you have inspired me
    hope you get bake soon????????
    love from Alisha


    • Hi Alisha. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed my presentation, and that I’ve inspired you to give reading a go. I think that all you need to get interested in reading, is to find the right book.

  9. Madeline Mann on said:

    Dear George
    Today you visited my school. I loved your visit. your books sound realy good I hope Iget to read them soon.

  10. Penni Hawkins on said:

    Dear George,
    You are a great Author.
    I love your fantasy books and you choose books.
    You have inspired me to read and make some of those type of books.

    From Penni.

    Hope you reply soon.

  11. Hudson on said:

    Dear George
    I really like your books. They are adventurous and cool

  12. your so funny and entertaining and you came to my school about a month ago (kew east primary school) I am one of the students that had that writing lesson with you! hope to see your next book soon (no pressure ) hope to see you again sometime.


  13. Hey George. My name is Jaden, I live in Canberra (Shout out to Southsiders!) and I’m eleven years old. I’ve read your “You Choose” series (love “Maze of Doom”!!!). I love the way you write interactive fiction and do you have any tips on how to write an interactive fiction book? Also… I love Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Raisin and other detective shows and books and thought that you should try a “You Choose” book for teenagers where you like solve a murder. You could maybe be an intern or something, that gets to help with the case. Like the Maze of Doom, rather than turning left or right, you choose which suspect to investigate. That would be really cool (I would TOTALLY read that!)

    - Jaden. P.S. How do you come up with character names? I write books and find that the hardest part.

    • Hi Jaden,

      So pleased that you are enjoying the YOU CHOOSE books. I have a great time writing them. As for tips about writing them… it’s all in the planing. I spend a long time plotting things out on my whiteboard before I actually start writing. There’s a photo of my whiteboard in this blog post:

      I am a HUGE Sherlock Holmes fan. I’m about halfway through re-reading all of Conan Doyle’s Holmes stories. Yes, I think a YOU CHOOSE book with a mystery theme could be very interesting. I will keep it in mind. But at the moment I’m working on a new project. Can’t tell you much yet… but I hope to announce it in the New Year.

      Character names can be tricky. Sometimes the names is a clue to what the character is like. Sometime I just choose a name at random. :-)

      All the best, George

  14. Hi George
    I really enjoy your books. I would love you to write a book about a condition called Marfans Syndrome. I have Marfans and I think it would be a great subject for your next book to be. I would like other people to know about Marfans Syndrome.

    • Hi Tailah,
      I’m so pleased that you enjoy my books. :-) And I’m really sorry to hear that you have Marfans Syndrome. A quick bit of Google research has shown me what it is you have to deal with. :-( The only non-fiction books that I write are commissioned, which mean I have no say in the topics. In terms of fiction, I include conditions when they serve the needs of the story – such as the inclusion of Crigler-Najjar Syndrome in the RFDS book “Fast Flight” (which is actually based on a real-life case handled by the flying doctors). My next few books are already planned out, but I will keep Marfans Syndrome in mind as a possibility when planning future books. No promises that I will end up using it (because it all depends on the story), but now that you have brought it to my attentions means that I do know it exists.
      All the best, George

  15. Peter Ellix on said:

    Hi George,
    You were at my daughter’s book week last week. She absolutely LOVES your books!!
    Imagine how upset our 9 year old was when you refused to autograph her school book, because “you had another class coming in”!!
    Gee thanks heaps for your commitment to children! Do you think you are Justin Bieber or something??

    • Hi Peter,

      I am thrilled that your daughter enjoys my books. I too was disappointed that I was not able to sign autographs for her and the other kids. Talking to children directly and signing autographs for them is one of the best parts on my job – I even carry a signing kit around with me, as I have a different stamp for each series of books I write, which I stamp along with my signature so that kids get a little something extra. I love it and they seem to as well!

      However, with a school visit, these things are out of my hands. Some schools want me to sign autographs for the kids and so they set aside time for me to do so, some do not. This school had me on a tight schedule. I had already gone slightly overtime on the first presentation and another group was ready to start. The teachers were trying to get a quick change over. Lots of the kids wanted autographs, but if I stopped to sign one, I would have had to stop to sign all of them, otherwise it would have been unfair on the other kids. The teachers were trying to get the kids moving out of the room and it would have been disrespectful to them for me to disrupt what they were trying to do. As it happens, the second group didn’t get the chance for autographs either, as they were bustled off to their next class.

      I hate refusing autographs. I really do! But when I have to, I try to do so politely and explain why I can’t. It was all rather chaotic as the kids were leaving, and I certainly did try to explain and apologise as they left. I’m sorry if your daughter didn’t hear my apology and explanation.

      I really am very sorry that your daughter was upset. That is the last thing that I would have wanted. My goal is always to try and encourage a love of reading in kids, and disappointing them is not the best way of achieving this.

    • Hi Peter,

      George is a busy author and I don’t think you need to be rude to him. Give him a break… just saying!

  16. Juliet Beaton on said:

    Why did you decide to write child books?

  17. Lily on said:

    Hey George.. Remember me?? I am Vikki pertraitisis’s Niece and you came to my school!! You worked at TE library and yu saw my class

  18. Michelle Walsh on said:

    I am in Junior Library at a boys school and the boys are loving your You Choose series. Some of our reluctant readers have really taken to them and we have a flow on effect in that they are reading more and are more excited by reading. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Michelle,
      So pleased to hear this. :-) As someone who started out as a reluctant reader, I am so happy when my books encourage other reluctant readers to become excited about reading. Thanks for letting me know.

  19. Li-ella on said:

    like your books and your personalty

  20. Thought you might be interested in the review I just did for the You Choose series for Random House.

    Great job!!

    • Oh, WOW! That’s an amazing write-up! Thank you so much, Sue. As a one-time reluctant reader myself, I am so pleased that Lochlan enjoyed the books. :-)

  21. jules on said:

    Sorry, congratulations on the Chronos ………………………..

  22. jules on said:

    Congratulation on the Ditmar! You don’t have your books up as epubs yet? I don’t buy paper anymore because I don’t have shelf space anymore. Post a link if they are up as epubs, I’d like to spend my money on you!

  23. Jayson on said:

    Have you seen this – there is a Tennant Tardis in Brisbane!!

    • No Jayson, had not seen this. Thanks for the link. Rather cool! Maybe I’ll hire one for my 50th Birthday party… if they’re still around in 6 years. :-)

  24. Tregan on said:

    Your the best author ever!!!!!

  25. laura lowe on said:

    hi how are you i would really like to meet you some time anyway i <3 your books alot

    • Hi Laura. Glad you like the books. :-) I do school visits every now and then, so maybe I’ll get the chance to talk at your school one day. George

  26. Your awesome

  27. Thanks, Natasha and Tegan. I will certainly keep on writing. :-)

  28. natasha and tegan on said:

    i think your website is great keep writing your books

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