I love writing reviews of books and DVDs. I write for a few different website, plus I also review books on Literary Clutter, the blog I write for Boomerang Books online store. This list does not include the reviews on Literary Clutter.

As a HUGE Doctor Who fan, I particularly love reviewing Doctor Who DVDs. :-) I do lots of these on my DVD/Blu-ray Reviews blog, Viewing Clutter.

PLEASE NOTE: This list is rather out of date. It doesn’t include many reviews from Literary Clutter and Viewing Clutter. One day I’ll get around to cataloguing it all. ;-)

DVD Reviews:


Book Reviews:

  • Bates, Dianne, Crossing the Line (Pass It On, #206, August 2008)
  • Brugman, Alyssa, The Equen Queen (Australian Speculative Fiction in Focus, April 2008)
  • Bursztynski, Sue, Crime Time: Australians Behaving Badly (Pass It On, #229, 16 February 2009)
  • Collins, Paul, The Hiveborn (Australian Speculative Fiction in Focus, April 2007)
  • Collins, Paul, The Slightly Skewed Life of Toby Chrysler (MC Reviews, 19 January 2009)
  • Collins, Paul, The Spell of Undoing (Australian Speculative Fiction in Focus, March 2008)
  • Collins, Paul, Wardragon (Buz Words, August 2008)
  • Collins, Paul, & Danny Willis, Allira’s Gift (Australian Speculative Fiction in Focus, January 2008)
  • Deckert, Tempany & Tristan Bancks, It’s Yr Life (MC Reviews, 28 June 2009)
  • Edwards, Hazel & Ryan Kennedy, f2m: the boy within (Pass It On, #279, 22 February 2010)
  • Harland, Richard, Liberator (Australian Speculative Fiction in Focus, 4 July 2011)
  • Harland, Richard, Worldshaker (Australian Speculative Fiction in Focus, July 2009)
  • Harris, Narrelle M, The Opposite of Life (MC Reviews, 20 November 2009)
  • Kneece, Mark, The Twilight Zone: The Monsters are Due on Maple Street (Australian Speculative Fiction in Focus, May 2009)
  • Kernot, David, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Issue 4 (Australian Speculative Fiction in Focus, 12 July 2010)
  • Larbalestier, Justine and Holly Black (eds), Zombies vs Unicorns (MC Reviews, 12 March 2011)
  • McMullen, Sean, Before the Storm (Buz Words, April 2007)
  • Miller, David, Big and Me (Pass It On,  #213, 13 October 2008)
  • Miller, Kim, They Told Me I Had To Write This (Pass It On, #252, 3 August 2009)
  • Mounfield, Jenny, The Ice-cream Man (Pass It On, #205, August 2008)
  • Mulligan, Andy, Trash (MC Reviews, 9 October 2010)
  • Murray, Kirsty, Vulture’s Gate (Australian Speculative Fiction in Focus, October 2009)
  • Norcliffe, James, The Loblolly Boy (Australian Speculative Fiction in Focus, 24 March 2010)
  • Reeve, Philip, Larklight (Australian Speculative Fiction in Focus, July 2008)
  • Reeve, Philip, Mothstorm (Australian Speculative Fiction in Focus, February 2009)
  • Reeve, Philip, Starcross (Australian Speculative Fiction in Focus, October 2008)
  • Roy, James, The Gimlet Eye (Pass It On, #239, 27 April 2009)
  • Scarrow, Alex, TimeRiders (MC Reviews, 28 May 2010)
  • Starbuck, Sara, The Dread Pirate Fleur and the Ruby Heart (MC Reviews, 29 June 2009)
  • Storer, Jen, Tan Callahan’s Secret Spy Files: The Mystery of Purple Haunt (Pass It On, # 223, 5 January 2009)
  • Wessely, Tehani, Worlds Next Door (Australian Speculative Fiction in Focus, 24 March 2010)
  • Winterson, Jeanette, The Battle of the Sun (MC Reviews, 6 July 2010)