OTHER WORLDS series trailer

After individual trailers for Perfect World and Beast World, we now have a trailer for the OTHER WORLDS series as a whole.  :-)

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Publication Day

Game World and Dark World (books 3 and 4 of OTHER WORLDS) hit the shelves today. Yay! I’m celebrating with some flourless orange cake. But… um… I was most of the way through my slice before I realised that I had forgotten to take a photo for this blog post. Whoops!

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2018 REAL awards

OMG! OMG! OMG! A You Choose book has made it on to the REAL awards shortlist for the fourth year in a row. How cool is that? And what an amazing honour!

The REAL (Reading & Enjoying Australian Literature) awards are a group of state-based awards for children’s literature that are nominated and voted on by kids. The shortlist feeds into three sets of awards – the YABBAs in Victoria; the KOALAs in NSW; and the KROCs in the Northern Territory.

In 2015, You Choose: The Treasure of Dead Man’s Cove was shortlisted in the “Fiction For Younger Readers” section… and it won a YABBA.

In 2016 and 2017, You Choose: Alien Invaders From Beyond the Stars was shortlisted in the “Fiction For Younger Readers” section… and it got an Honour Award in the KOALAs both those years.

This year it’s You Choose: Footy Fever in the “Fiction For Younger Readers” section. This is the special You Choose book that was licensed by the AFL. I am over-the-moon excited that it has made it onto this list, which is chock-full of amazing books and authors…

  • Bad Guys: Intergalactic Gas by Aaron Blabey
  • Billie B Brown: Billie’s Yummy Bakery Adventure by Sally Rippin (illustrated by Alisa Coburn)
  • Ella And Olivia: Zoo Rescue by Yvette Pogloshian (illustrated by Danielle McDonald)
  • Ella Diaries: Pony School Showdown by Meredith Costain (illustrated by Danielle McDonald)
  • Eric Vale Off The Rails by Michael Gerard Bauer (illustrated by Joe Bauer)
  • Hotdog!: Party Time by Anh Do (illustrated by Dan McGuiness)
  • Polly And Buster: The Wayward Witch & The Feelings Monster by Sally Rippin
  • Sporty Kids: Handball by Felice Arena (illustrated by Tom Jellett)
  • WeirDo: Really Weird! by Anh Do (illustrated by Jules Faber)

And there’s even more great books across three other sections: “Picture Story Books”, “Fiction for Older Readers” and “Fiction for Years 7-9”. Check out the full list.

Of course, this shortlisting is shared with the amazing James Hart, who has done the cover and internal illustrations for Footy Fever, as well as the other twelve You Choose books and the four OTHER WORLDS books (two of which are out, with the other two being released on 28 May).  James’s artwork has given my books an incredible vibrancy and his cover illustrations shout “PICK ME UP” at passing book browsers.

As well as illustrating my books, James has also done the artwork for Mr Bambuckle’s Remarkables by Tim Harris, which has been shortlisted in the “Fiction For Older Readers” section. He’s also created this year’s Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge Primary School poster. Is there no end to this guy’s talent? Check out his website to see all this other awesome work.

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Bookshop Workshop

Today I ran a two-hour intensive writing workshop for kids aged seven and up, at Eltham Bookshop. It was all about structure and planning. Several of the participants were interested in using the group planning activities as a basis for their own writing, so I promised to put photos of the whiteboard plans up on my website for them to look at. So here we go…

First up is the plan for an interactive horror story, in which the reader either goes to a graveyard full of zombies and accidentally facilitates the creation of a Mega King Zombie, or gets kidnapped by a haunted car and taken to a deserted carnival where they are attacked by a shape-changing killer robot clown.

Next up, we have the mind mapping of potential new OTHER WORLDS stories. The one that seemed to get the most interest was about a paleontologist visiting a prehistoric world just as the dinosaurs are about to be wiped out by an asteroid.

During the session I read a little from You Choose: Creepy Crawly Chaos and then told them about my experience of posing for a photo with a bird-eating spider (don’t worry… not only was it dead, but it was also frozen). They wanted to see the pic, so here it is…

After the workshop was over I spent a bit of time signing books for the participants, and then all the remaining stock for the shop. So if anyone wants a signed copy of one of my books, Eltham Bookshop has LOTS!

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Speccy-tacular AFL Stories

Happy Publication Day to this awesome footy anthology. I’m pleased to have a story (about football on another planet) in this book, along with those written by Michael Wagner, Tony Wilson, Nicole Hayes, Adrian Beck, Michael Panckridge, Sherryl Clark, Patrick Loughlin, Meredith Costain, Shivaun Plozza and David Lawrence. And the illustrations are by Simon Rattray.


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Beast World book trailer

The BEAST WORLD trailer has been released. So exciting!

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Perfect World book trailer

LOOK! Perfect World has a trailer…

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The Doorway Opens

Today, the doorway opens on OTHER WORLDS with the publication of books one and two – Perfect World and Beast World. This new series of sci-fi/fantasy/adventure books, aimed at kids aged 8 and up, is officially launched today! I celebrated Publication Day this morning with a fancy cheesecake. :-)

I am so excited about this series of books. I’ve always had a liking for portal fiction, so getting the chance to write my own has been a dream come true. Plus, I’ve thrown so much of myself into this series, the stories reflecting my belief in diversity and inclusiveness and the need for everyone to be who they really are. I hope readers will like it.

Today is extra special, as I can also reveal the covers for books three and four (which will be published on 28 May). All the covers and internal illustrations are again by James Hart, the man who gave the You Choose books such an incredible vitality and who now brings a dynamic excitement to this new series. Thanks, James!

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Fly! Be free!

Today the latest two YOU CHOOSE FLIP ME books have been released into the wild.
Creepy Crawly Chaos / City of Robots
Extreme Machine Challenge / In the Realm of Dragons

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Merry Christmas

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FLIP ME again!

January 29 will see the release of another two FLIP ME! You Choose editions…

The first will bring together Extreme Machine Challenge and In the Realm of Dragons. And the second has Creepy Crawly Chaos and City of Robots.

This will complete the set of FLIP ME!, 2-in-1 You Choose books. Very exciting!

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The massive OTHER WORDS reveal

The time has come to unveil my new OTHER WORLDS book series. This is where I get to tell you a little about it and also show you the first two covers – illustrated by the always awesome James Hart (who also does the covers for my You Choose series) and designed by Tony Palmer.

This is a four-book series aimed at kids aged 8 to 12 (although I’m hoping that like the You Choose series it will have wider appeal). It’s about mysterious keys that open doorways into other worlds. Each book is a stand-alone story with a new set of characters. But, for those who read the entire series, there’s also a thread running through the first three books that gets tied up in Book 4 (which I’m still writing :-) ).

Series Blurb:

Find the Key! Open the Doorway! Enter the Other World!
An exciting new series from the author of You Choose.

Book 1: Perfect World


Keagan finds a key . . .
It opens a doorway . . .
He steps through . . .
Into a weird world of clones who are obsessed with perfection. But this world isn’t as perfect as it seems. Keagan is determined to return home – all he has to do is find a way out of the city, survive the Dumping Ground and outsmart a bunch of rogue clones!
Will Keagan escape Perfect World?

Originally titled Clone World, it had a name change during the writing of draft 1 to something a little less obvious and hopefully more intriguing. It is without a doubt, the most difficult writing experience I’ve ever had. While I am really happy with the end result, it took about 17 drafts to get there (I usually only do about 9 or 10)!

This book is complete. It will be published on Monday 26 February 2018.

An early review based on an uncorrected proof ARC (advance readers copy) has already appeared in the industry mag Books + Publishing. If you subscribe to it you can check out the full review. If not, here’s a taste…

It’s great to see a sci-fi action-thriller aimed at 8- to 11-year-olds, since it’s an area with many eager readers. George Ivanoff, who penned the excellent ‘You Choose’ series, does a fantastic job of setting up a strange world in the style of The Midwich Cuckoos. This is a racing read that will grip reluctant readers . . . There’s also a strong moral lesson here: be proud of your individuality.

Book 2: Beast World


Xandra finds a key . . .
It opens a doorway . . .
She and her brother are sucked through . . .
Into a crazy world that looks like steampunk London. Except in this world there are no humans – only animals. Xandra and Lex encounter rhino police, armadillo housekeeping staff, rodent inventors and even a lion on the throne. Here humans are the endangered species!
Will Xandra and Lex survive Beast World?

Originally titled Animal World, it had a name change early on in the writing process ‘cause really… Animal World is a pretty uninspiring title. :-)

This book is almost complete. It’s currently being proofed. It will be published on Monday 26 February 2018.

Book 3: Game World

No blurb yet. This one is set in a futuristic cyberpunk world where humans and robots are battling it out in a virtual arena with games. Except, of course, that not all is as it seems. It’s managed to retain its title all the way through the process.

A draft is complete and with my editor getting its first structural edit. It will be published some time 2018.

Book 4: Dark World

This one is just an outline with a few rough chapters at this stage, so I’m not telling you anything about it yet. It will be published some time 2018.

So there you have it. I am so incredibly EXCITED about this series! I cannot wait to actually hold copies of the book in my hands! I cannot wait until they are set free into the world!


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Central Coast NSW

In October this year I had the pleasure of touring the Central Coast area of NSW, courtesy of the local branch of the Children’s Book Council of Australia. Over the course of five days I visited seven schools, two bookshops, a library book club and a Teacher-Librarian networking event. And I even managed to squeeze in a little sight–seeing, some writing and a bit of Pokemon GO playing. It was a jam-packed week and heaps of fun.

Thank you so much to the Children’s Book Council of Australia – (NSW) Central Coast Sub Branch, and particularly to Lyndall Coles who was the mastermind behind this book tour.

I loved every minute of this tour — from signing books for readers to meeting the dedicated teachers and librarians at the various schools — but there are a couple of highlights I wanted to share on my blog.

During my presentation at Our Lady of the Rosary School in Wyoming, one of the teachers, Sarah Evans, did an on-the-spot illustration of one of the zombie bunnies from You Choose: Maze of Doom. Such an awesome pic! And a lovely surprise to be presented with the illustration at the conclusion of my visit.

I visited Warnervale Public School, presenting to the Year 4 classes. Sadly the Year 3s weren’t able to attend. Knowing that they were going to miss out on seeing me, they wrote me cards and letters. It was such a buzz being handed this massive pile of mail at the end of my visit. I read each and every one of those cards and letters when I got home. There were quite a few questions, so I answered them in an email that I sent to their teacher.

Book tours are an aspect of my job as a writer that I adore. The opportunity to connect with readers is simply wonderful. I look forward to more touring in 2018.

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KOALA Honours

I still can’t quite believe it, but You Choose: Alien Invaders From Beyond the Stars has been named as an Honour Book in the KOALA Awards for the second year in a row. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all those who voted for it. And, of course, thank you to the organisers for running the awards.

Congratulations to all the authors and illustrators who were shortlisted, who had Honour Books and who won their categories in this year’s awards. I feel very honoured to be among you. The full list of winners is up on the KOALA website.

The ceremony was held in Sydney. I wasn’t able to attend, so they asked me to make a little thank you vid. Of course, I am completely incapable of making an ordinary thank you vid. So, I did this instead…

And just in case you’ve forgotten (or want to revisit it), here’s the vid I did last year…


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Not long now before I can reveal the covers for the first two books in my new OTHER WORLDS series, along with some info. Until then, here’s a bit of a teaser.

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Happy Halloween

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