PANDEMIC UPDATE — With Australia in the grip of the corvid-19 pandemic, schools are understandably nervous about having visitors. If your school would like a virtual presentation instead, I can deliver this via Skype or Zoom. Alternatively, I can also create videos for your schools specific needs and supply them via an unlisted YouTube link. Email me if you want to know more.

I am available for speaking engagements and workshops at schools, libraries, conferences, etc. I’ve also had experience judging writing competitions. I can be booked through Booked Out, Lamont Books or Creative Net.

Possible topics include:

  • Introduction to writing
  • Story structure
  • Characterisation
  • World Building
  • Starting out in professional writing
  • The writing process: from idea to finished book
  • Education market versus trade: the difference between writing for these two very different markets
  • Fiction versus non-fiction
  • The importance of research
  • Using personal experience as a springboard for writing fiction

I am also happy to tailor a specific topic to your needs.



“George had a fabulous impact on the students at every level of of the school, as well as the staff! He had everyone captivated during his address to the whole school – nothing better than to see the students laughing raucously and fully transfixed as he read some of the hilarious episodes from his books. Even better when you overhear students say spontaneously ‘I can’t wait to read that book’, or when so many hands go up to ask him questions. He also hit the mark with his workshops and again had just the right balance of information, interaction, and fun. Would love to have George visit again, but in the meantime there’s a queue of students keen to borrow and read his books- the perfect fit for our students.”
Nan Shiels
Rossbourne School (August 2016)

“Our week of workshops with George were fantastic and very well received by the children and teachers. George really became ‘part of the school’ whilst he was here. He willingly chatted to everyone and took an interest in all that was going on. George was warm, friendly and accommodating. The children loved his workshops and they were pitched at the correct level (as he had to swap from grade level to grade level). Teachers found the workshops were excellent for them as well. All commented on how George reads aloud and were in awe of his talents . The time he spent and the passion he shared were inspiring for children and teachers. It was great to have George here and we greatly valued the week we got to share with him. I would have no hesitation in recommending George to any other school, or to have him visit us again.”
Robert Nelson
Principal, Bannockburn Primary School (August 2016)

“Thank you George Ivanoff for coming to Ilim College and inspiring our secondary students to write. George was able to keep the students listening and working with enthusiasm for both of the one hour sessions. It was delightful watching him engaging the students with questions, anecdotes, and examples from his own books. The students only had praise about George after attending his session. One student said her favourite part was George’s personality and how interesting he was. My only complaint was that he did not stand still long enough for me to take a good photo of him!”
Ozge Sevindik-Alkan
Librarian, Ilim College of Australia (2013)

“George was our National Year of Reading Patron for Mentone Grammar during 2012, and we could not have asked for a better patron. George was generous with his time and sharing his experience as a writer and actor. He achieved an immediately rapport with our students, and has maintained contact with those who have ambitions to become authors themselves. Over the year, George attended various events, including the Mentone Grammar launch and end-of-year celebrations of NYR 2012, and spent a week with students in their English classes, sharing his experiences with the whole group and then providing small workshops for keen writers. I’m sure that we will be inviting George back to our school again in the near future.”
Miffy Farquharson
Head of Libraries, Mentone Grammar (2012)

“George spoke candidly, professionally and with insight. He is an excellent judge of how to pitch a talk to an audience and seems to be a natural teacher.”
Prof Kevin Brophy
“Encounters with Writing” coordinator, University of Melbourne (2010)

“For the past three years George Ivanoff has been a presenter at the Darebin Cluster Boys’ Writing Expo. George has enthused and inspired the boys to view writing as a means to not only express themselves but to transfer themselves and others to new worlds and new dimensions. George is always well-prepared for the workshops and I have no hesitation in recommending him as a presenter / facilitator to any school or organization wishing to employ a professional and inspirational writer.”
Greg Lambert
Professional Development Leader
Lakeside Secondary College (2007)

“George makes the situations and experiences of the school yard ammunition for his writing. He helps students see their world as potential stories.”
David McLean
Head of English and Drama
Mentone Grammar School (2004)

9 comments on “Speaking

  1. Soraya Dehighden on said:

    Hi George today I meet you in real life it was the best thank you so much
    I love your book and the funny ????
    I love you ???? Books thanks bye

    • I loved coming to visit your school and getting to meet all the wonderful students and teachers. Thanks to you and all the others for making me feel so welcome.

  2. I am not sure I like the idea of “What if the geeky kid came to school with a gun???”

    • Hi Teena. You’re referring to the “What if?” video above, I assume. That example came from a short story aimed at high school kids. The whole point of that story was to show an extreme situation. My stuff for younger kids is a touch more restrained. :-)

  3. Sharryn pascoe on said:

    Love your books my son goes to henskske you talked to year 4

    • Thanks. :-) Loved visiting Henschke Primary School in Wagga Wagga. Actually, loved the whole Wagga Wagga trip… some amazing schools in the area.

  4. Tiani Welch-Phillips on said:

    Thank-you so much for visiting our school today. i was really interested and i think i might start reading some of you books!

  5. Jack Egan on said:

    I NEVER agree with teachers about anything!
    But what their saying about george is absolutely true!
    This is the first time I’ve agreed with teachers!

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