Gamers series

Gamers is a series of science fiction, action/adventure, computer gaming novels. Although aimed at teens, they have proven to have a wider appeal. They are based on a short story called “Game Plan”, which was published in the anthology Trust Me!, edited by Paul Collins (Ford Street Publishing, 2008).

Book 1: Gamers’ Quest

Tark and Zyra are teenage thieves in a world of magic and science, where dragons and mages exist alongside drones and lasers. In their quest to reach Designers Paradise, they realise their world is not what it appears to be, and their sanctuary is about to face destruction…

Gamers’ Quest
ISBN: 9781876462864
RRP: $16.95 Paperback
Published by Ford Street Publishing in October 2009.

Gamers’ Quest is on both the Year 5 & 6 and Year 7 & 8 reading lists for the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge. It’s also on the Year 7 & 8 reading list for the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge. It won a 2009 Chronos Award for speculative fiction by a Victorian writer.

“Fast and fun, a thrilling ride with enough blood, slime and toad-flinging to satisfy RL Stine.”
Carole Wilkinson (author of the Dragonkeeper novels)

Book 2: Gamers’ Challenge

For Tark and Zyra, life was literally just a game, controlled by the all-powerful Designers. But then they broke the rules and life got a whole lot more complicated … and deadly. Pursued by a powerful computer virus they must locate the Ultimate Gamer with the help of some unexpected allies, and face their greatest challenge – finding a way out of the game …

Gamers’ Challenge
ISBN: 9781921665516
RRP: $16.95 Paperback
Published by Ford Street Publishing in September 2011.

Gamers’ Challenge is on both the Year 5 & 6 and Year 7 & 8 reading lists for the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge. It was shortlisted for a 2011 Chronos Award for speculative fiction by a Victorian writer. Although it didn’t win, it was very nice to be on the shortlist with some great writers.

Book 3: Gamers’ Rebellion

Tark and Zyra have lived within the world of a computer game all their lives – fighting the game, fighting the Designers, fighting to get out. Finally escaping into the real world, nothing is what they expect. They soon find themselves fighting again, both out in the real world and inside the game. And it’s not long before Tark and Zyra are leading a rebellion on both sides of the digital barrier …

Gamers’ Rebellion
ISBN: 9781921665974
RRP: $16.95 Paperback
Published by Ford Street Publishing in June 2013.

Gamers’ Rebellion is on both the Year 5 & 6 and Year 7 & 8 reading lists for the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge.

Short Stories

“Gamers’ Inferno”
This story was published in July 2012 in: Trust Me Too, edited by Paul Collins, Ford Street Publishing.
Set in the same world as the books, this story introduces a new game environment and a whole new set of characters.

16 comments on “Gamers series

  1. Darcy Barnes (Guide for yabba) on said:

    hi i would just like to say thanks for the book i wish to meet you again in the future and hope to keep reading all your books and series

    From, Darcy

    • My pleasure, Darcy. Hope you enjoy it. And I do hope I get the chance to visit Hillcrest Christian College again some time soon. Thanks for being such a great guide during this year’s YABBA awards ceremony. :-)

  2. Dakota on said:

    Hi George,
    I really enjoyed your lesson at school today! It was really fun!
    I hope to see you next year! :) Thankyou!! Bye!

  3. Gr8 session today – when I said you should turn the series into an actual video game – I dont know any Real game designers but maybe you could use a free Internet site to make a mini game of One of the scenes in the book hope this helps :) :):):)

    • Glad you enjoyed the session, Lenny. I’ve never even considered doing anything like that myself… but I might look into it. Interestingly, I’ve been asked to speak at this year’s Freeplay Independent Games Festival. Maybe I’ll find a games designer there? ;-)

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  5. i cant WAIT till you came down it will be awesome

  6. Jackson on said:

    When did you ever get the idea of writing the idea of life inside a computer game?

    And i really need a good idea for a story do you have any?

    • Hi Jackson.
      As a kid and teen, I LOVED playing computer games. I don’t play then as often these days, but I’m still interested in them. And I love books and films that involve computer games — books like Space Demons and films like TRON. I just wanted to write something set inside a computer game because I thought it would be fun. And it was. :-)
      If you’re going to write a story, you really need to come up with your own idea. What is it that interests you the most? Sport? Reading? Games? Take your interest and use it as the starting point for a story. Hope that helps. George

  7. Jack Egan on said:

    Do some authors consider you write better books then them?

  8. Jack Egan on said:

    How did your idea come to you by combining Magic, Dragons and Futuristic Technology?

    • The whole of Gamers’ Quest is set inside a computer game world. It’s a world in which anything can happen. The ideal of combining magic and technology simply came from what I would have liked to see an a book when I was about 13. :-)

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