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Monster Island

Monster Island

Jurassic Park meets Stranger Things in a story where the creatures are out of this world!

After following his mum to her top-secret new job, Bernie finds himself on a mysterious remote island inside the Bass Strait Triangle. The scientists working there call it Monster Island, and Bernie soon discovers why . . .

Here, extinct and mythical creatures are alive! But that’s not the only mystery. Why are there so many mushrooms? Where have the hostile black drones come from? Who controls them? And why are they spying on the creatures on the island?

Bernie and his new friend Ivy are determined to find out.

An action-packed adventure where dinosaurs roam, secrets are dangerous and drop bears really do exist!

Monster Island
ISBN: 9781761047244
Paperback published by Penguin Random House under the Puffin imprint in May 2023.

ISBN: 9781761047251
Ebook published by Penguin Random House under the Puffin imprint in May 2023.


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Monster Island

“This action-packed book was a lot of fun from start to finish.”

GLAM Adelaide, 11 Sept 2023

Monster Island

“This is a fun, fast-paced story that hooks the reader in from the very first page and is chock full of fun references, humour, and mystery.”

Reading Time, 11 July 2023

Monster Island

“The author is clever in their descriptions of everything, and with this and its fast pace it exudes a special sort of energy.”

Kylie, Goodreads, 20 June 2023

Monster Island

“Soooooooo, take a little Jurassic Park, a pinch of Big Foot, a handful of Little Shop of Horrors, a smidgin of mad scientists, a scoop of Bass Strait Triangle [like the Bermuda one, but closer] and an actual drop bear, and stir vigorously with some George Ivanoff – and voila! the perfect, albeit a little crazy, adventure with which to tempt your reluctant readers”

Just So Stories, 21 May 2023

Monster Island

“Filled with dinosaur facts, famous mysteries, cryptids, and lots of fungi, Monster Island will be sure to enthral young readers who enjoy a bit of science and information with their novels.”

Story Links, 19 May 2023

Monster Island

“The action comes thick and fast, and George Ivanoff has done an excellent job of making the reader feel as though they’re right alongside Bernie and Ivy as they’re solving the mysteries of the island. A great collision of science and legend, Monster Island leaves you wanting more in the best way possible.”

Books + Publishing, 4 April 2023

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