Find the key!
Open the doorway!
Enter the Other World!

OTHER WORLDS is a new adventure series for kids aged 8 and up, with a sic-fi and fantasy flavour. It’s about mysterious keys that open doorways into other worlds. Each book is a stand-alone story with a new set of characters. But, for those who read the entire series, there’s also a thread running through the first three books that gets tied up in Book 4.

Book 1: Perfect World

Keagan finds a key . . .
It opens a doorway . . .
He steps through . . .

Into a weird world of clones who are obsessed with perfection. But this world isn’t as perfect as it seems. Keagan is determined to return home – all he has to do is find a way out of the city, survive the Dumping Ground and outsmart a bunch of rogue clones!

Will Keagan escape Perfect World?

OTHER WORLDS 1: Perfect World
ISBN: 9780143786191
Published by Penguin Random House Australia in February 2018.

Book 2: Beast World

Xandra finds a key . . .
It opens a doorway . . .
She and her brother are sucked through . . .

Into a crazy world that looks like steampunk London. Except in this world there are no humans – only animals. Xandra and Lex encounter rhino police, armadillo housekeeping staff, rodent inventors and even a lion on the throne. Here humans are the endangered species!

Will Xandra and Lex survive Beast World?

OTHER WORLDS 2: Beast World
ISBN: 9780143786214
Published by Penguin Random House Australia in February 2018.

Book 3: Game World

Hall finds a key . . .
It opens a doorway . . .
He is transported . . .

Into a strange virtual reality – part of a game world where humans are battling computers for survival! In this world, human imagination is everything and can even save your life. Hall must use all his game-geek knowledge to tell reality from virtual reality and find a way home.

Will Hall play his way out of Game World?

OTHER WORLDS 3: Game World
ISBN: 9780143786238
Published by Penguin Random House Australia in May 2018.

Book 4: Dark World

Newt and Rowan find a key . . .
It opens a door . . .
They are pulled through . . .

Into a scary world ravaged by the Darkness. Buildings are just piles of rubble and among the debris are zombie-like humans! Newt and Rowan are desperate to escape, until they stumble upon something much more sinister. There is evil in this world – and it won’t stop until everything has been destroyed.

Will Newt and Rowan stop the evil in Dark World?

OTHER WORLDS 4: Dark World
Author: George Ivanoff
ISBN: 9780143786252
Published by Penguin Random House Australia in May 2018.

OTHER WORLDS blog posts


  • “The writing is accessible and direct; the chapters short and sharp. The books have the narrative pace and logic of computer games, and action and cliffhangers aplenty. … And it is refreshing to read action adventures of this type that feature strong male and female protagonists.”
    Magpies, September 2018. This is a subscription magazine… check out the website.
  • “Ivanoff has done a great job crafting a series that is varied and imaginative with a distinct emotional through-line.” Read the full review…
    Game World and Dark World, Reading Time, 4 September 2018
  • “This series is certainly going to keep readers on the edge of their seats.” Read full review…
    Game World and Dark World, Just So Stories, 29 July 2018
  • “Perfect World is a well-executed exploration of what it means to be unique.” Read full review…
    Perfect World, Tim Harris, 12 June 2018
  • Beast World shows diversity and difference, and puts a spin on the way portal worlds are portrayed. This unique and fun story has animals in clothes as Lords and Ladies in a Victorian London setting, and uses the dynamics of the human world in the animal world to illustrate how different people will do anything to attain their goals.” Read full review…
    Beast World, The Book Muse, 4 May
  • “Keagan is the key to teaching the clones about diversity and friendship – and his relationship with Eone is quite adorable, as is their journey to discovering diversity, and divergence and enlightenment – and hopefully, this book will show kids that it is okay to be who you are and that you don’t have to fit in with the crowd..” Read full review…
    Perfect World, The Book Muse, 1 May
  • “It is full of action and adventure, but there is far more to it than that. It will get your students thinking about individuality, differences, acceptance and who controls the world.” Read full review…
    Perfect World
    , Lamont Books, March 2018
  • “Perfect World reminded me of a Doctor Who episode; it was fast paced and cinematic” Read full review…
    Perfect World, Read Plus, 7 March 2018
  • “This is a racing read that will grip reluctant readers” Read fill review…
    Perfect World, Books + Publishing, 23 October 2017

20 comments on “OTHER WORLDS

  1. Ahmed on said:

    I like ur books

  2. Ahmed on said:

    hi George thanks for coming to West End State school

  3. Isabelle Berry on said:

    Hi George

    You came to TSAC today and you visited us on 31/07/18! ????I LOVED IT
    from Isabelle

  4. Kai Klein on said:

    Dear George… thank you for coming to my school, Tsac, and showing us all of your awesome books. I want to read a You Choose book and an Other Worlds book. Thank you so much for visiting us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From Kai Klein.

    • Hi Kai. I’m glad you enjoyed my visit. Your school library has lots of copies of both the YOU CHOOSE and OTHER WORLDS books, so you can read them there.

  5. Olivia on said:

    Dear George
    You came to our school TSAC on the 31/07/2018 in July I just wanted to say I LOVED your talk you done excellent love your books.

    Reply soon ?????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. Dear George I loved your author visit at TSAC is was so much fun you have inspired me to read books.
    your books are so cool because I love you choose books I might see you at book face thanks for visiting TSAC.

  7. Samarra Toppin on said:

    Dear George, I really liked your presentation at my school [The Springfield Anglican College] I’m certain everyone loved your presentation. I really want to read them they sound interesting.

    Hope you reply soon!!
    Samarra T

  8. Oliver on said:

    Dear George, you came to my school today TSAC thank you for coming!!!!!

  9. Rebecca Toltz on said:


    My kids have read a few of your books and have found they are great for confident year 3 readers – up to year 6 ‘non-readers’.

    Will the ‘Other World’ series be written for the same audience, or are they pitched at a younger audience?

    • Hi Rebecca,
      So pleased that your kids have been enjoying my books. :-) These books are aimed at the same age range, with a slightly higher reading level and complexity of story to the YOU CHOOSE books.

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