Survival Guides

The Survival Guides is a series of non-fiction books that take a creative, humorous approach to their subject matter. An un-named, video game obsessed, 13-year-old takes readers through each topic.

The Human Body Survival Guide

The human body is GROSS. So this book is full of poo and wee and puke. It has secretions as well as excretions. It is swarming with lice and worms and nematodes and those teeny-tiny mites that live in your eyelashes. It is infested with bacteria and viruses and fungi and protozoa. Oh yeah… and there’s also some info in there about blood and brains and muscles and bones and that kind of stuff.

The Human Body Survival Guide
ISBN: 9781760896744
To be published under the Puffin imprint by Penguin Random House Australia on 15 September 2020.


The Australia Survival Guide

Australia is known for many things; sandy beaches, beautiful bushland, remote desert and, of course, its many unique animals . . . but more often than not, IT IS TRYING TO KILL YOU! This book is your must-have, carry-at-all-times, read-on-the-dunny, survival guide to Down Under.

The Australia Survival Guide
ISBN: 9780143796572
Published under the Puffin imprint by Penguin Random House Australia on 1 October 2019.

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  • “Humour is used to great effect throughout, making this important information entertaining and accessible. You can tell that Ivanoff had more than a little fun writing this book.”
    BETTER READING, 1 Oct 2019 — read the full review
  • “One could imagine the target market for this book – children aged from nine years plus – spending countless hours reading and dipping into the 175 pages.”
    Dianne Bates, BUZZ WORDS, 5 Sept 2019 — read the full review

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