You Choose series

A brand-new series of interactive novels for the highly adventurous. Read if you dare! Mistakes will cost you dearly!

YOU CHOOSE is a series of interactive books where the reader gets to make key decisions about how the story progresses. Numerous intertwining story paths and a plethora of different endings (many of them resulting in certain death), combined with a variety of genres and an odd assortment of really weird characters should provide a roller-coaster ride of a reading adventure.

Although aimed at mid to upper primary level, these books can be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

Each book is a stand-alone story. They do not need to be read in any particular order.

The covers and internal illustrations are by the wonderfully talented James Hart.

Book 1: The Treasure of Dead Man’s Cove

WINNER: 2015 YABBA, Fiction for Younger Readers

Wealth beyond your wildest dreams or deadly pirate’s curse!

You find an old treasure map while holidaying in a secluded seaside town. Could it be real, or is it someone’s idea of a joke? You set off to follow the map and find out. There is an actual treasure hidden by pirates over a hundred years ago . . . but all sorts of booby traps have been left behind to keep it safe.

Will you uncover the treasure of Dead Man’s Cove or will you be destined for doom?

You Choose 1: The Treasure of Dead Man’s Cove
ISBN: 9780857983831
Published by Penguin Random House Australia in May 2014.

Book 2: Mayhem at Magic School

Supreme ruler of the world or misfortune for life!

You are an ordinary kid . . . or so you think. Strange things start to happen. You make a rabbit appear from underneath your teacher’s hat. Then you dream about a mystical diamond and a mysterious old woman with long white hair . . .

It turns out you have magical powers. Do you try to keep your talents hidden or do you go off to Magic School?

You Choose 2: Mayhem at Magic School
ISBN: 9780857983848
Published by Penguin Random House Australia in May 2014.

Book 3: Maze of Doom

Master of the maze or eternity in a nightmare labyrinth!

You decide to try the lame-looking Maze of Doom at the fun fair. But once inside, you realise that this is no ordinary amusement. The maze is massive and there are traps and mysterious creatures at every turn. Then you come across an old fortune-telling machine, which predicts an eerie future . . .

Will you discover the maze’s secrets and riches, or will you be trapped inside forever?

You Choose 3: Maze of Doom
ISBN: 9780857983855
Published by Penguin Random House Australia in July 2014.

Book 4: The Haunting of Spook House

Ghost hunter extraordinaire or lost soul forever!

You’ve heard spooky stories about the old house on the hill in your street. It’s been said that a man was found mummified inside the house long ago. Your friends dare you to go inside and investigate. Do you really believe that it’s haunted? There’s only one way to find out . . .

This could be your chance to be a hero. Do you change the course of history or do you meet a ghostly fate?

You Choose 4: The Haunting of Spook House
ISBN: 9780857983862
Published by Penguin Random House Australia in July 2014.

Book 5: Night of the Creepy Carnival

A spectacle of wonders or life as a mindless clown slave!

You are excited to check out the new carnival in town. But as soon as you arrive, the creepy clowns catch your eye. You know something weird is going on, but are you brave enough to follow them? There’s so much else to explore, especially the freak show tent with its disturbing display cases . . .

Will you defeat the evil clowns, or lose yourself in the carnival’s strange attractions?

You Choose 5: Night of the Creepy Carnival
ISBN: 9780857986696
Published by Penguin Random House Australia in May 2015.

Book 6: Alien Invaders from Beyond the Stars

Honour Award: 2016 KOALA, Fiction for Younger Readers

Protector of planet Earth or abduction by extra-terrestrials!

You see strange lights in the night sky one night. It’s a flying saucer, just like in the movies. Inside are lizard aliens – disguised as humans. They have come to invade the planet Earth. You want to resist but your actions may lead to the destruction of humankind . . .

Do you have what it takes to save the world? Or will the aliens unleash their ultimate weapon?

You Choose 6: Alien Invaders From Beyond the Stars
ISBN: 9780857986719
Published by Penguin Random House Australia in May 2015.

Book 7: Super Sports Spectacular

Athlete of the century or phenomenal sporting failure!

You are ready for a day of fun-filled physical activity. There are so many cool sports to try but you notice that some of the competitors look a little unnatural. The basketball players are way too tall and some kids just look too perfect. Are they human or could they be robots in disguise?

Will you become a sporting star, or a victim of the weirdest world domination plan ever?

You Choose 7: Super Sports Spectacular
ISBN: 9780857988416
Published by Penguin Random House Australia in August 2015.

Book 8: Trapped in the Games Grid

Video game star or prisoner in a digital world!

You are ready for an afternoon of action at the best video games arcade ever. But not all the games are what they seem. There are secret programmes, alien tests and other worlds inside a new virtual reality. The games computer wants you to play. The artificial intelligence wants your help. The aliens want to recruit you. But you just want to stay alive!

Will you win the game, or be trapped inside forever?

You Choose 8: Trapped in the Games Grid
ISBN: 9780857988430
Published by Penguin Random House Australia in August 2015.

Book 9: Extreme Machine Challenge

Daredevil driver or kidnapping by super spies!

You are attending the Extreme Machine Expo. Every type of fast vehicle is on display – some of them are even available to test! Among the mind-boggling sports cars, hovercrafts and jet planes are information stands, with creepy vendors asking weird questions.

Will you fulfill your dream of becoming a pro racer, or will the machines and their owners turn against you?

You Choose 9: Extreme Machine Challenge
ISBN: 9780143780199
Published by Penguin Random House Australia in June 2016.

Book 10: In the Realm of Dragons

Friend of magical beasts or imprisonment in a ferocious land!

There are legends about dragons in this area, and when you find two strange-looking eggs, it seems the tales are true. But will the dragons be friend or foe? Only time will tell . . .

Will you gain a powerful sidekick, or will you step into a perilous world of fire and ice?

You Choose 10: In the Realm of Dragons
ISBN: 9780143780212
Published by Penguin Random House Australia in June 2016.

Book 11: Creepy Crawly Chaos

Pest exterminator or bug bait!

You are on a school excursion at the Entomology and Arachnology Research Centre when things go very wrong. It starts with a gigantic new breed of spider. Soon, there are insects everywhere. Whether it’s moths swarming all over you or an army of vengeful praying mantises, the creatures are on the attack!

Will you exterminate the bugs, or will you find yourself in the middle of creepy crawly chaos?

You Choose 11: Creepy Crawly Chaos
ISBN: 9780143782988
Published by Penguin Random House Australia in January 2017.

Book 12: City of Robots

Robot ruler or cyborg slave!

A chance encounter with an escaped mini-bot leads you to a military science facility. The place is filled with giant robots ready to unleash destruction upon the city. Unless you can stop them, a mechanical future with cyborg slaves awaits!

Can you overpower the mighty machines, or will you be crushed beneath their marching feet?

You Choose 12: City of Robots
ISBN: 9780143783008
Published by Penguin Random House Australia in January 2017.

AFL: Footy Fever

Aussie Rules superstar or total footy failure!

A footy quiz sets you on a course for AFL adventure . . . A Grand Final game with a footy-crazed mum who’s a massive embarrassment. A footy skills camp that’s being sabotaged by a secret society of grumpy old men and women. A footy festival where mascots come to life and AFL dreams can come true. These are just some of the possibilities.

Will you play your way to AFL glory, or will it be a specky-tacular disaster?

You Choose AFL: Footy Fever
ISBN: 9780143786801
To be published by Penguin Random House Australia on 28 August 2017.

You Choose Flip Me! 1 and 2

Two action-packed stories, hundreds of different endings, in one flip book!

In The Treasure of Dead Man’s Cove will you discover wealth beyond your wildest dreams or a deadly pirate’s curse? And in Mayhem at Magic School will you become supreme ruler of the world or suffer misfortune for life?

You Choose Flip Me! 1 and 2
ISBN: 9780857989536
Published by Random House Australia in December 2015.

You Choose Flip Me! 3 and 4

Two action-packed stories, hundreds of different endings, in one flip book!

In Maze of Doom will you succeed as master of the maze or spend eternity in a nightmare labyrinth? And in The Haunting of Spook House will you become a ghost hunter extraordinaire or a lost soul forever?

You Choose Flip Me! 3 and 4
ISBN: 9780857989550
Published by Random House Australia in December 2015.

You Choose Flip Me! 5 and 6

Two action-packed stories, hundreds of different endings, in one flip book!

In Night of the Creepy Carnival will you become a conqueror of clowns or spend life as a mindless clown slave? And in Alien Invaders from Beyond the Stars will you rise to be the protector of planet earth or will you be abducted by extraterrestrials?

You Choose Flip Me! 5 and 6
ISBN: 9780143784029
Published by Random House Australia in February 2017.

You Choose Flip Me! 7 and 8

Two action-packed stories, hundreds of different endings, in one flip book!

In Super Sports Spectacular will you become the athlete of the century or a phenomenal sporting failure? And in Trapped in the Games Grid will you be crowned an arcade games star or find yourself prisoner in a digital world?

You Choose Flip Me! 7 and 8
ISBN: 9780143784036
Published by Random House Australia in February 2017.


You Choose Blog Posts



Here’s my acceptance vid for the 2016 KOALA Honour Award, Fiction For Younger Readers…

And here are the interviews I did for Studio3

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11 comments on “You Choose series

  1. Best books ever

  2. i love your you choose books I bought the hole set you came too St Mary’s school I was sitting in the front row !!!!!!
    I love your books they have much more humour

  3. Suzanne on said:

    My 8 year old son is loving your You Choose Books :)

  4. Ange on said:

    Hi George,
    I’m not sure if you remember me, but I’m the girl who asked for your autograph, and when you signed it, you laughed, because I labeled you awesome. Anyway, I love your you choose books! I was wondering where I could find them… Please answer.

  5. Theresa Hamilton on said:

    Hi I recently purchased a you choose book for my 7 year old son Kai at armageddon in Melbourne. I just want to let you know that he absolutely fell in love with it and now wants me to get more of these. I was wondering how many titles you have in the you choose range and where can I purchase them from? He has always liked reading but he was getting bored with the readers at school. But for the past 2 nights he is bugging me to got to bed so he can read more of the story. He has already told me that we will be reading this book a lot of times.
    Thank you
    p.s. Kai loved that you signed it and said to go both ways cause in his words ” he is right, you can go so many ways”

    • Hi Theresa,
      Thank you so much for the feedback. I’m so pleased that Kai is enjoying the book. There are currently four titles in the series, with another two coming early next year. Beyond that, it will depend on how sales go.
      Most book stores are stocking the series, as well as Big W. If he wants to get signed copies, I’m doing the Inside Story event at Readings Hawthorn on Saturday 1 November, 2-4pm.
      Cheers, George

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