Fanboy Alert!

Me in 1984

Okay… so I’ve been a die-hard, nerdy/geeky fanboy for a lot longer than I’ve been a professional author. Way before my first book hit the shelves in 1999, I was attending sci-fi conventions, joining fan clubs and dressing up in costume. I wrote appalling Doctor Who fan fic (bashed out on a manual typewriter) and drew even worse fan art.

Me, 30 years later, in 2014

So when my fanboyishness (is there even such a word) finally gets the opportunity to collide with my pro-authorishness (I definitely know there is no such word), I know I’m headed for a whole lot of AWESOME FUN!

I’ve been invited as a guest to Sugar City Con in Mackay (Qld). It’s going to be held over the weekend of 29/30 August at the Mackay Showgrounds.

I’m a little overwhelmed at being included amongst their amazing lineup of guests, which include US voice-over actor Paul Eiding (Ben 10, Transformers), comic book artist and writer Becky Cloonan (Gotham Academy, Swamp Thing) and New York Times bestselling author, playwright and screenwriter Tom Taylor (Star Wars Blood Ties: Boba Fett is Dead). But as a big Farscape fan I’m most excited about meeting Lani Tupu, who played Captain Crais, as well as providing the voice of Pilot.

The organizers of Sugar City Con (or SCC, to those in the know) asked me to put together a little intro vid to help with event promotion. So, of course, the first thing I did was rifle through my costume cupboard to pull out a whole batch of convention outfits I’ve worn over the years. 🙂 Here’s the super-cheesy result…

Shooting the vid was heaps of fun… although I did almost choke on that toy mouse. Don’t believe me? Check out the outtakes…

And yes, I know… I’ve misspelled my own name in the video titles. But it’s a compilation of outtakes — so that mistake actually seems rather appropriate. In fact, it was deliberate. No really… honestly… I did it on purpose. 😉

Anyway… I am counting down the days to Sugar City Con. It’s gonna be a BLAST!