Donating my hair

It all started with the pandemic. We were in lockdown so I couldn’t get out for a haircut. Then promotional possibilities took over. I decided to keep growing my hair and add a beard to achieve a wild aesthetic for the promotion of The Supernatural Survival Guide.

Once the publicity was all done and dusted, I ditched the shaggy beard but my kids wanted me to keep the hair. So I thought, why not? I’ll grow it a while longer and then donate it.

I have a lovely friend named Jane (she’s donated hair 4 times thus far… and is still going) who directed me to Sustainable Salons, an organisation that collects ponytails for various charities, including the Cancer Council’s PONYTAIL PROJECT. Their website directed me to a bunch of hair salons that take part…

And so I found myself at ENA Hair. A few snips later and it was all gone.

And then the wonderful Bree, fashioned my remaining hair into an aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

My head feels so light!