Podcast: IT’S TRUE… OR IS IT?

It's True... Or Is It? Podcast LogoWhat’s true? What’s not? Can you tell the difference?

A new podcast from me and fellow author Michael Pryor, that mixes fact and fiction, then tries to sort them out.

In each episode we present three remarkable stories to each other. Two stories are true, but one is totally made up. Subscribe to the podcast and listen to us as we try to fool each other into believing absolute nonsense.

This is a podcast that taps into our strengths as authors. Our experience in research and our love of writing fiction are put to good use, fashioning stories to inform and entertain listeners. But we don’t tell you, or each other, which stories are real and which are fiction until the end of each episode.

The podcast launches today (15 March 2024) with an episode about SCIENCE. The ten episodes of Season 1 will release every two weeks, covering topics as diverse as HISTORY, MAGIC and POP CULTURE.

To listen in, look us up on your favourite podcasting service, or go to our homepage

If you enjoy episode one, then please subscribe and tell people about it. Word-of-mouth is the best publicity!

We also have an Instagram account, where you can leave comments about the podcast or individual episodes. 

George Ivanoff and Michael Pryor.The many faces of Michael Pryor.

George Ivanoff modelling the topic of SCIENCE.Michael Pryor doing tech stuff.