Footy Publication Day

Time to take a specky, kick a goal and read a book… oh… and eat some Tim Tams. ‘Cause today, You Choose AFL: Footy Fever hits the shops!

I always celebrate a new release with food. And with a book about the most famous of Aussie sports, what could be better than the most famous of Aussie bickies. Break out the Tim Tams!

This book is a little different from my other You Choose titles, in that it’s an official AFL book. There’s even an AFL logo on the cover. This means that I was able to use real teams and players in the story. How cool is that!

If you need more footy, then you can also check out the post about footy books on my LITERARY CLUTTER blog – Fabulous Footy Favourites.

Finally… many thanks to Michael McGoldrick, whose help with this book was invaluable. In fact, this book is actually his fault, as he introduced me to the game of football in the first place. Thanks Michael… you are specky-tacular!