I haz Blu-ray!

At long last, I have a Blu-ray player. [insert applause] Having watched my first Blu-ray disc, I’m now wondering why the hell it took me so long to get one. I’ve had a HD widescreen TV for a while now… I should have gotten the Blu-ray player at the same time. The picture quality is amazing — so crystal clear — and the sound is pretty awesome as well.

And the winning model is — the Panasonic DMP-BD75. It’s a basic model at a very affordable price. It doesn’t have 3D capabilities, but seeing as how I don’t like 3D, that’s not really an issue.

I’ve watched several DVDs and I’m seriously impressed with the up-scaling. It’s particularly noticeable with text, which is not as pixelated around the edges as it was with my old DVD player. I’m extremely pleased about this as I have a large collection of DVDs and I wasn’t planning on upgrading all of them to Blu-ray.

So far, the only negative thing about this player is its inability to remember where you are up to on a disc, if you take it out of the player. My old DVD player could remember up to 7 discs. This is a very handy feature with small children, as I’m often swapping the discs around from what I’m watching to what they want to watch, and back again. But I’ll learn to live with it.

I ended up buying my player from Gatti Audio, as they sell their players de-regioned. It’s not that I intend to make a habit of buying Blu-ray discs from overseas, but at least I will have that option should I ever need it. And I do have a lot of overseas DVDs, as there have been a lot of old obscure TV shows that have never been released in Australia.

My first (and for the time being, only) Blu-ray disc is Trigun: Badlands Rumble. I’ve already watched it, and am now working my way through the extras. I’ll post a review very soon.

I’m now eager to go out and buy some more Blu-ray discs. Lots more! I’m sure the bank won’t mind if I miss a mortgage payment… or two. 🙂

Catch ya later,  George

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