Monster Island Feedback

MONSTER ISLAND - Out Now!It’s been over a month since the release of Monster Island and I’ve had some pretty great feedback.

The reviews from grown-ups have all been awesome, saying things like…

“The action comes thick and fast, and George Ivanoff has done an excellent job of making the reader feel as though they’re right alongside Bernie and Ivy as they’re solving the mysteries of the island. A great collision of science and legend, Monster Island leaves you wanting more in the best way possible.”
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But what matters far more to me, is what kids think of the book. After all, they are the target audience. So far, the readers I’ve spoken to at schools and bookshops have been super enthusiastic about Monster Island. One reader even took the trouble to write a review, which his mum posted on FaceBook. Here’s what Henry had to say…

Henry with Monster Island book.“First of all, the story was amazing. The characters were really well developed, and the places were vivid. Congrats to George Ivanoff for writing yet another book! I particularly enjoyed how he described and wrote Bernie. The story, with its intricate parts, locations and characters is fantastic. The only thing I think is missing from this book is a map of Monster Island (or Secreta Insula).”

How cool is that! And suggestion noted, Henry. If I end up getting to write a sequel, I’ll defs see what I can do about adding a map.