NEW Survival Guide

Yes folks, it’s announcement time… I am officially revealing that my next book is The Human Body Survival Guide!

This follow-up to The Australia Survival Guide, is keeping the feel and approach of the first, but with a very different topic. It is particularly focused on all the gross stuff. So this book is full of poo and wee and puke. It has secretions as well as excretions. It is swarming with lice and worms and nematodes and those teeny-tiny mites that live in your eyelashes. It is infested with bacteria and viruses and fungi and protozoa. Oh yeah… and there’s also some info in there about blood and brains and muscles and bones and that kind of stuff. (BTW… that’s my wife’s brain in the pic.)

I handed the draft in to my publisher on Monday. There’s still a heap of work to do, with editing and fact checking. Then there’s all the design. So it will be a while before it hits the shelves. It’s been scheduled for October 2020.

Researching this book has been interesting, although there have been a few TRAUMATIC moments. NEVER do a Google image search on necrotising fasciitis. There are things that cannot be unseen. But on the whole it’s been fun!