New Year Publication Day

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! What better way is there to celebrate than with the release of two new YOU CHOOSE books? Books 11 and 12 hit the shelves today. Rather than celebrating with cake, which is what I usually do, today I’m working my way through leftover German Christmas biscuits and chocolates. 🙂

And I also thought I might share a couple of photos to go with the books. Book 1, Creepy Crawly Chaos, is all about bugs and spiders, so here’s a pic of me with a Whistling Tarantula I met in Mackay last year (Don’t worry… not only is it dead, it’s frozen!). Book 12, City of Robots, features giant robots stomping through a city, so here’s a pic of me and my family with a giant robot at the Ghibli Museum in Japan, back in 2008.

I am overjoyed that the YOU CHOOSE series has come this far. Many thanks to everyone who has read and enjoyed these books – your continued enthusiasm for them is what has enabled me to keep writing them. Much appreciated!