Voices on the Coast

Last week I had the great pleasure of attending Voices on the Coast in Queensland. Organised by Immanuel Lutheran College in conjunction with The University of the Sunshine Coast, it was two days of immersion in books and all things reading, as students were bussed in from surrounding schools to attending presentations and workshops with a heap of authors and illustrators.

I had such a good time! I got to present sessions on research (something that I LOVE doing) as well as workshops on how to write interactive stories. In between sessions it was off to the QBD bookstall to sign books, bags, water bottles and bookmarks. I even managed to get to see one of the other presenters. Author/filmmaker/adventurer Tim Cope presented a fascinating and inspiring talk about his travels in remote parts of the world. I was spellbound by his photos, videos and stories. Much as I would have liked to, I didn’t get the chance to see any other presenters in action, due to my schedule.

On the first evening, the festival also held a public event out on the lawn in front of the library at Immanuel Lutheran College. There was food and drink as well as entertainment. Morris Gleitzman spoke, Lucas Proudfoot played the didgeridoo and students from the school sang and played instruments. The highlight for me was one of the students, Josh Linnett, singing songs such as “Girl From Ipanema” and “My Funny Valentine”. He has an incredible voice and was a joy to listen to. Go check out his YouTube Channel.

Huge thanks to Kelly Dunham and all her fab volunteers for putting together such a memorable festival. And a shout out to author extraordinaire Tim Harris, with whom I got to be roomies for the duration of the festival.

PS. I may have jumped on the hotel bed! Again!