A world of possibilities

With books 9 and 10 in the You Choose series due for release very soon, it is with much excitement that I begin work on books 11 and 12.

11! AND! 12!

I’m still pinching myself just to make sure it’s not all a dream.

Although it all begins with scribbles in a notebook, things really kick off with a wonderfully unencumbered surface for me to plan on. What others may see as a blank, empty whiteboard, I see as a world of possibilities… just waiting for me to fill in the details.

But I’m not the only one who loves the blank whiteboard. My youngest daughter, Lexi, usually fills the board with drawings before I start, leaving me to position my plans around the artwork until I eventually have to begin deleting it… bit by bit.

The detailed planning is now underway for book 11, which has the working title of Creepy Crawly Chaos. Rather appropriately, Lexi drew a spider.

Book 12 is only in the preliminary planning stages… that is, a bunch of not all together comprehensible rough notes. But I can promise that there will be gigantic rampaging robots.

The books are tentatively scheduled for publication early next year.

I love my job! 🙂