Armageddon and the Doctor Who giveaway

Two exciting announcements to make (well, they’re exciting to me)…

I’m going to be at the Melbourne Armageddon Expo on 18/19 October. I’ll be at the Dymocks stand most of the weekend. Dymocks will have my You Choose series and Gamers trilogy in stock, and I’ll be ready with an assortment of pens and stamps to deface purchased books. Mind you, I’m happy to sign mostly anything — programs, posters, photos, other authors’ books… about the only thing I won’t sign is a blank cheque. I did that once, and it got me into all sorts of trouble. 😉

So, check out all the info at the Armageddon website.

To celebrate being at Armageddon, I’ve decided to do a little bit of a Doctor Who giveaway. Why Doctor Who, you ask? Well, here are my reasons…

  1. I’m a Doctor Who fan and I’ll grab any excuse to share the love. 🙂
  2. Jenna Coleman is a guest at Armageddon.
  3. There’s at least one Doctor Who reference in each of my Gamers and You Choose books.
  4. I review Doctor Who DVDs and Blu-ray discs on my Viewing Clutter blog.
  5. I’ve written essays about Doctor Who for a number of pop culture books.
  6. I once wrote a story for a collection of Doctor Who short stories.
  7. I own a TARDIS jacket. (see above photo)

Enough justification? Yeah! Now, to the important stuff…

What do you get?
A Doctor Who book and a bunch of DVDs and Blu-ray discs. The giveaway pack contains:

  • Book — Doctor Who, Short Trip: Defining Patterns, edited by Ian Farrington (Big Finish, UK, 2008), which contain my fourth Doctor story “Machine Time”. [This book is out of print and not all that easy to get a hold of.]
  • DVD — Doctor Who: Deep Breath [First ep of Series 8.]
  • DVD — Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka [The animated 40th anniversary webcast starring Richard E Grant as the Doctor.]
  • Blu-ray — Doctor Who: Spearhead From Space [The only classic series story to be released on Blu-ray.]

How do you get it?
Any of my books purchased at the Dymocks stand at Armageddon, up to 4pm on the Sunday, comes with a ticket into the draw. Buy one book, get one ticket. Buy ten books, get ten tickets. 🙂 And we’ll draw the winner just after 4pm on Sunday. You can come and watch the draw, if you like. Of course, that’s likely to be exceedingly boring if you don’t have a ticket. So… buy a book, get a ticket, then come and watch the draw.  Or maybe… wait! This is becoming too much like a hard sell. [switch to soft focus lens]

Feel free to stop by the Dymocks stand and simply say ‘hi’, even if you don’t want a book or a ticket. I promise not the sign anything unless you actually want me to. 🙂

And I will be wearing my TARDIS jacket all weekend!