Ice Bucket Challenge

You probably all know about the Ice Bucket Challenge. It started off in America as a way to raise money for and awareness of ALS (also known as MND — Motor Neurone Disease). Lots of people, all over the world, have been doing it — including lots of famous people like Benedict Cumberbatch and Matt Smith. The Ice Bucket Challenge has also made it to Australia, with people donating to Motor Neurone Disease Australia or one of its state branches as part of the challenge.

Over the weekend I was nominated to perform the challenge by my good friend Beky Tully-Gibbens. So here’s the video to prove that it happened…

Thanks to my Ice Bucketers: Nykita (my eldest daughter), Jaime, Dylan, Lauren, Nirav, Lachlan and Lexi (my youngest daughter).

It was chilly! And as my mind was rather numbed, I did make a few little mistakes — so I thought I should correct them here. It was not my step grandfather who had MND, but my step grandfather-in-law. And it’s not the Motor Neurones Disease Association of Australia as I keep calling it in the video, but simply Motor Neurone Disease Australia.

Anyway, after watching the vid, please consider making a donation. I already have. 🙂

And check out the Ice Bucket Challenge page on the MND Australia website.

Please Note: The water for this challenge was sourced from a rainwater tank. No ice cubes were harmed in the making of this video.