RFDS book launch with SA Education Minister

I am VERY EXCITED to announce that the Royal Flying Doctor Service adventures will be officially launched by the Honourable Susan Close, South Australia’s Education and Child Development Minister. The launch will take place on Tuesday 1 March at the Leigh Creek Area School. After the minister’s launch speech, I’ll be talking about the inspiration behind the books and a representative of the RFDS will talk about the amazing work they do.

The town of Leigh Creek and the nearby ghost town of Farina, feature in the first of the RFDS adventures, Remote Rescue. So launching the books in that area is not only appropriate, but also so exciting! The launch will be followed by a drive out to Farina for a photo shoot.

My family and I visited Leigh Creek and Farina as part of our outback holiday (which doubled as a research trip) last year. Farina is a spectacular, surreal, visually stunning place, with its ruined buildings and sun-baked landscape. And Leigh Creek is the gateway to SA tourism — the place we stopped for supplies before heading out into the remote, beautifully harsh heart of Australia. These locations were a perfect setting for Remote Rescue and a glorious start to our holiday. Pictured below is my wife and I in Farina…

Dr Close has read Remote Rescue and had this to say:

‘It’s refreshing to read a book that brings the Flinders Ranges to Marree area to life. It’s an exciting book for kids that also tells an important story about how the RFDS keeps people safe across the outback.’

I am thrilled that these books are getting the support of not only the RFDS, but the South Australian government. If there is one thing I will take away from the writing of these books, it’s the importance of the services provided by the Flying Doctors. The RFDS deserves recognition and support. And I hope that these adventure stories will help spread the word and introduce the Flying Doctors to kids across Australia.