School Tour

Earlier this month I had what was probably one of the best school speaking experiences of my career — a four-day tour of schools in the Portarlington/Drysdale region. It was organised by the local Lions Club. They arranged for me to visit four of the local schools — St Leonards PS, Portarlington PS, Drysdale PS and Clifton Springs PS — where I embarked on a series of writing workshops, presentations and readings.

Each of those schools was incredibly welcoming and the students were AWESOME. Interested, engaged and enthusiastic, the students asked lots of thoughtful and intelligent questions. A few of those questions even caught me by surprise, making me stop and think carefully before answering. I was seriously impressed!

One of the kids drew a portrait of me and got me to sign it for him after my presentation…

So what do you think? Good likeness?

Many thanks to the Portarlington Drysdale Lions Club for running their annual program of school visits, and to the Creative Net speakers’ agency for booking me. And, of course, thanks to all the teachers and students for making the tour such a blast.