Sugar City Con 2015

I got to spend a weekend hanging out at a convention with Lani Tupu (Captain Crais from Farscape), Paul Eiding (man of a thousand voices, including Max Tennyson from Ben 10), Tom Taylor (author of comics such as The Deep and Injustice: Gods Among Us) and a bunch of other comic book creators. Way cool!

Oh yeah… I was also a guest at this convention along with the aforementioned famous people. I’m still coming to terms with that… I was a guest at the same event as a bunch of really famous people. So there I was trying to keep a cool calm professional exterior as I squee-ed on the inside. Well, that was the plan. Not sure I succeeded. 🙂

What was the convention? I hear you ask. Sugar City Con! It was held at the Mackay Showgrounds in Queensland. It was a well-run event that ticked over like clockwork, organised by the nicest bunch of people you could possibly imagine. [Waves to Craig, Toni-Lee, Grant, Mark, Peter, Luke, Sharon, Ben and the others.]

I had a BLAST! Seriously… an absolute BLAST!

Now, I should probably point out that I didn’t spend the entire weekend stalking the other guests. I did perform some guestly duties as well. I did a Q&A session hosted by the wonderfully well-informed Sharon M Johnston, who must have done some deep digging in cyberspace to come up with some of her questions. Chatting after the session, we discovered that we had been published together in an anthology a few years ago — Basics of Life, published by the Australian Literature Review in 2011. It’s a small world!

I also conducted a writing workshop for kids, signed heaps of books and posed for lots of photos in my TARDIS jacket (my presence was actually redundant… it was the jacket people wanted to photograph!).

A HUGE thank you to the organisers of this event for inviting me. ‘Twas such an honour!

And now for some pics…

And for those of you who may have missed my earlier posts, here’s the cheesy vid I made to promote my participation…

Oh, and the outtakes…